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Thread: Faulty Depend Underwear.

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    Default Faulty Depend Underwear.

    I was wondering if anyone uses the Depend underwear super for men, the pull on type. I have been using these but the last packet they have not been absorbing and been leaking down my legs. Some look like they are packed inside out or have an outside cover where the inside should be.

    I will no longer use this brand if most of a packet does this as the embarrasment is not worth the refund.

    Has anyone ever heard of this problem?

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    I am not sure how this got posted in Teenbaby as I am not a teenbaby. It should be in another category. If a manager can move this posting please I would be greatfull. Sorry for my mistake.

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    Email the company. I have always had a good response when I have done this. I use Depends Briefs 24/7 and sometimes get a package that is less than par. The company has quality control people, who sometimes aren't doing a very good job (have found this with other products as well). If you notify them of the problem, it can be fixed. Normally if you have a package that is damaged like that, they will send you a coupon for a free package and also some discount coupons for future packages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImWeasel View Post
    I was wondering if anyone uses the Depend underwear super for men, the pull on type.

    That's the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ImWeasel View Post
    Has anyone ever heard of this problem?
    This is a feature of Depend Underwear (and most all other commonly available adult "pull on" underwear products). They suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NEJay View Post
    This is a feature of Depend Underwear (and most all other commonly available adult "pull on" underwear products). They suck.
    ^^ This.

    Depends are incredibly low quality, in fact probably the lowest quality except maybe some store brand own diapers. They leak very easily, frankly you should buy some quality diapers online (if you can). Just avoid Depends at all cost.

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    i'v been hearing a lot lately how low quality they are. I'v never tried em, but if what everyone says is true, sounds like it's time to find a new brand of diaper

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    Thanks everyone for your help. There are a few problems here, one being in Australia our choice is limited and another i am in a small country town and if two pharmacies, same franchise owned by same people do not stock it you do not get it. The other problem is I am a couple of hundred miles from the nearest Daily Living Centre, so freight on carton lots is very expensive.

    I can get the Tena, but they are not the most absorbent ones. I had a lot of problems using the pullups as I cannot balance nor bend much and the pants get getting caught on one foot. It is frustrating.

    I will be going through Paraquads store, Indpendence Solutions Australia and they have a great catalogue I found out after posting the original message. For any Aussies here, look at mediquiponline or or org, forget which at at the moment. You can download their PDF catalogue and they have equiptment previews on their site. Someone in the health industry here should have told me about them.

    I did email Depend, but I am waiting on a reply.

    Where I am I have not seen anything in a supermarket that would cater for incontinent people, except for womens glorified sanitary products. The girls who work in the checkouts are young enough to be your daughters, and the pharmacies are so small the whole town will be talking about your purchase.

    I was ill advised by people who should know better in regards to a suitable products so I am thinking of asking them to pay for the rubbish I purchased. They get paid to do a job, so I am wondering if they advise on what they would get a commision on.

    Thanks again everyone.

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    Maximum Absorbency aren't that bad... but Try to stay away from depends.

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    It's a wonder Depends is still in business. I would still want a money refund and when they ask for the rest of the pack, send it to them COD or make sure they will refund your shipping charge to!

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    Butterfly Mage


    I ordered a pack of Attends once that had chopped up bits of of shipping boxes inside the diapers (obviously a piece of cardboard got sucked into the fabricator). I called Attends and they shipped me a new package with no problem. Depends will likely do the same.

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