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    Hey im just re introducing myself, I made an account on here but I got busy and didnt have time.

    Hi guys my name is Jake or jackie if im in baby girl mode (i think i prefer to be called Jackie for the most part but u decide) and I dont really want to get into my fantasies but I've been an infantilist/AB as far back as I can remember and I am a boy but not when I'm a baby. Jackie I guess you could say is my alter ego.

    But my normal life, my life as Jake, I like music,art,cartoons(a part of Jackie I can't hide lol) philosophy,and discussing politics. I have 3 pugs which I love more than most people. I am going to college to study motion capture technology. I am an anarchist. No I'm not a bomb thrower or anything like that! And yes I will follow the rules because I am consenting to it. It simply means I think that we don't need rulers or officials to tell us what to do in life and blah blah blah this really isn't the forum to debate about this I just wanted to make myself clear. Uhhh..... thats I'll I can think of right now if you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

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    Hey, welcome. I'm also into anarchy. No rulers! Woohoo!

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