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Thread: FOR INCONS: benefits?

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    Default FOR INCONS: benefits?

    We talk about the cons already. From something a couple other ppl said I thought I'd ask an interesting question.One that I thought might have the shorted replies in thread histroy but the more I thought about it I can actually think of more than one benefit. Now for non-i/c's, no offence but replies wouldn't really make much sense from those on 'the other side'.

    ** What pros can you think of being incon and *B? This can also be followed by cons for an unmentioned reason that I'm sure you know. The following is all I can think of off hand.

    1: Not having to get up during a 3 hour movie
    -- Afterward changing in the crowded bathroom and ppl seeing you toss your diapy.

    2: Less stops on travel, we can drive long distance and only stop for gas.
    -- Broken or no doors in the bathroom when you do have to change and ppl walking in. (Sometimes a good lookin place outside has broken down bathrooms in the middle of nowhere)

    3: Always have plenty of diapers on hand when ya wanna 'play' They're already paid for.

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    About the only ones I can think of are as follows:

    1. Not needing to get out of line at the amusement park for your favorite ride to use the bathroom.
    ---Of course, the extra G's on the ride squish the urine out of the diaper and you end up leaking and have a wet spot on your jeans.

    2. Not needing to be in line for the bathroom at horribly crowded places like the ballpark at halftime.
    ---Except that is when you really need to get changed as well!

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    Oh def! Do you ever carry extras without a bag? When possible I have 1 unfolded half way and wrapped outside my diaper - around my back - shirt tucked in over it and held in place by my belt. It works good for some kinds of outings.

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    I've never figured out a good way to keep a spare one stashed on me--they just seem too hard to fiddle around into place and keep there. Considering I need my bag of medications for my headaches, it's just as easy as anything else to drop a spare in there as anywhere else.

    One more downside of being i/c--when you walk out of the stall after changing and people are looking at you strange because they wonder what the noise in the stall was as you undid tapes off one diaper and then did up tapes on the next. That is hardly a "quiet" part of diapers, even with cloth backed diapers.

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    Well, I may have some good news for ya there! I carry a small pair of folding scissors or my pocket knife (razor sharp) and it cuts thru the sides with no noise at all. Cutting one side then just pulling down the other and tucking it over works pretty good. If I am trying to be super quiet i'll cut both sides. I get several paper towls to before i go into the stall and wrap the diaper in the them. no one seems to care as much if you are throwing paper towls away than if they see you tossing a rolled up diapy in the trash. Either way they ain't gunna dig to see what it was.

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    On a more amusing note-

    One good thing about being Incontinent (while wearing diapers!), is that if something scares da poop outta ya, YOU'RE the only one who has to know!

    :: grins ::


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    Hmm, the only thing I've thought of that you guys haven't said is the fact that it's a portable seat softener. ;D

    Everywhere you go you have a 'pillow' to sit on! :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucephalus View Post
    On a more amusing note-

    One good thing about being Incontinent (while wearing diapers!), is that if something scares da poop outta ya, YOU'RE the only one who has to know!

    :: grins ::

    Trust me, other people will find out. While it doesn't SHOW on the outside it is quite noticeable.

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    Minou - welcome to ADISC, hop on over to the greetings and tell up about yourself. As far as the pillow? lol, well I guess... but that's kinda 'reaching' for it. Unless I'm superthick I don't even notice a difference so I'm guessing that would be more for play tho.

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    Ok i came up with some:

    1. Being IC and a *b (still rebelling against the a lol) being incontinent stinks, but the up side is that you can kind of make it fun, like it doesnt have to be all blah humbug all the time.
    2. I find that since i am IC all i have to do is tell someone that and they really dont question it much more, sometimes i get a howd that happen or something but thats about it. I wear abena's like 90% of the time when my issues are going on (near 100% of the time now ) so im really not so embarassed about them in general and the little side of me loves the bulk.

    Well thats all ive got!

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