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Thread: Hi folks, I'm Loewe

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    Default Hi folks, I'm Loewe

    Im Loewe, just an ordinary kid . Im really not that good at English. But what the heck! you can only do your best . I found out this site when looking for stories, I like to read " diaper stories" In a way they tells me that there are more boys out there like me. Most of the stories are just fake, I know, so what.
    I live in the extreem north of our world, we still have winter.
    Im the youngest of four siblings, live with dad, goes to highschool. I really like school, lots and lots of cool friends. I'm a looner at home bc it's only me where I live. I've got a supercool dog, a lab, yellow. He is so smart! I ( and dad) hunts in the fall, fish in summer. He is with me always( the dog). WE play socker and go for long walks in the forest. We have a lot of bears, I realy don't like bears. Would be much happier if the lived somewhere els.
    I'm in diapers bc of spina bifida, a injury in my back. I cant say that I have had any problems with beeing a diaper boy. Nobody ever have teased me or been mean. Of course there are the normal problems, Nappyrash, to full diapers, coold diapers in winter, to hot in summer. Forgot to take extra change when you go someplaces. Well you know.
    I dont know if my English could stand to write stories. But I sure can tell you som funny things that happend to me and my diaperbutt.
    Dont know really what more to say. I like your site!
    Bye fo now . L

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    Welcome to the site n__n...Your English seems pretty good to me, go ahead and try out writing a story, you could always use spellcheck, and plenty of members here can give you good constructive criticism

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    Welcome have a great time. Not the best English but not bad i have seen worse form people that live in my country.

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    Welcome to the site. I hope you have a fun time here and I am interested to know more about your disability. On a final note you sign off as L which makes me think of L from Death Note, I wonder if your as cute as him.

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    Welcome!! I really do hope to hear a story from you at some stage,
    Enjoy this site!!

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    Man, that's some lifestyle! How far north are you? (Obviously not as far as me hehe)

    as for the story, go for it!
    I haven't read the stories on here in a while, but what the heck, write one and I'll be glad to read it. And, as suggested, a spell-checker and a little of our assistance will get you through it ^^

    Anyway, good to have you on the forums, have an awesome time posting, chatting, and... just... yeah, all that jazz!

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    Your english vocabulary seems pretty good, you just need to work on your grammar some. Other than that very good! Also very nice introduction, well detailed!

    So Welcome to our community! I hope that you enjoy it here!

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    Hello again,thanks a lot for all the nice inputs from you all. Spring has finaly sprung, fist day without Long Johns. A very dirty dog everytime we go outdoors . A lot of gees an cranes honking in the sky. Spring is a wounderful time . In acouple of weeks I'm gona take out my bike .I really like the storie about cousins, but a bit sad. Next part soon, please.
    Have a nice spring L.I dont know how L from Death Note is, I dont think I'm cute. I'm kind of small and thin .

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    Welcome to this site. I'm sure you'll like it here.

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    HIYA there loewie ^_^!
    i bet that your from russia since no country gets more north than that

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