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    Smile DL from MA

    Hey friends, I'm a senior in HS from Massachusetts, into diapers and all sorts of crazy stuff, smoke a little here drink a little there...just trying to get by. Anyone else from MA going to college this year? Anyone out in Boston on this thread?--I may be going to school near Boston.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niteTB16 View Post
    Anyone out in Boston on this thread?--I may be going to school near Boston.
    *points at self*


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    Welcome to Adisc my friend.

    Any other hobbies or fun things you like to do, other than diapers and stuff of the like?

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    Default Hello again

    Sooo sorry guys my first intro was a little creepy lol, my bad, I read the guide to making an intro too late. But anyway, I'm a senior in high school, I like keeping in shape, practicing brazilian jiu-jitsu, writing poetry and fiction (I want to be a writer, that is, I am, but I want to get paid for it), I work at mcdonald's, I'm vegan, i've been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, I love music of all sorts, especially eminem, disturbed, system of a down, and EVERYTHING, and on occasion I do partake of the herb. And I'm a diaper lover :/

    I've been known to treat everything I experience like it's a riddle, and it usually results in failure and depression.

    Congratulations, you all now know me better than anyone I've ever spoken to.

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    i am from that area but already graduated sorry

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    Welcome to the site, Night....haha...had to go for the rhyme. Actually I was intrigued that you have been diagnosed as borderline. It occurs 75 percent female, and 25 percent male, so you are in the minority. I too went through that in high school and college, though not officially diagnosed. I didn't stay with the shrink long enough as my parents couldn't afford it. I don't think I had the first symptom as strongly as some, the love hate relationship with friends and the sense of abandonment, but I always had that one friend that I had to have, and if they did something without me, I felt crushed.

    Anyway, I sympathize, and welcome you. I too am a writer, and hope to finish my novel and get it published. My wife things it's a lot better than The Graveyard Book, and that won a Newberry, so who knows. Anyway, write on my friend.

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    Ha, I know. Add the less than 1% minority of the pop. with borderline to the list of things I'm in the minority in...and yeah they try not to diagnose people because the whole thing where people think their behavior is OK or excused by the fact they have a "disease". I'm not technically diagnosed either. Good luck with the book dogboy

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