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Thread: Storm in a tea cup?

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    Question Storm in a tea cup?

    To our international friends who may have not heard the news, (I do not know to what extent the world has noticed), the biggest Australian sport story for the last couple of days, has been the revelation that the Rugby League Football club the Melbourne Storm, have been running a double set of books and have been secretly paying their players over the set salary cap, to the amount of nearly two million (Australian) dollars, over the last five years.

    (They were the wining top team in last year’s national competition).

    My comments.
    Well what a Football Storm [in a tea cup], we have in Melbourne, (Victoria). It seems that they have been tilting the ‘level playing field’ to their monetary advantage, making the opposition run up hill.

    Some questions come to mind. What is the bargain bribing price (or how much do you have to pay) to purchase fiscal integrity? Could this be seen as the money equivalent of illegal performance enhancing drugs?

    And I wonder; what would have been the news this week, if there was no volcanic ash and no double set of books?

    Seriously now; to what extent or to what potential, do you think that commercial interests pollute the intended purity of sport, when money is one of the reasons the players are on the field?

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    If they do better without using any drugs then what is the problem?

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    Over here, we have the same issue with the top teams in baseball exceeding their salary caps constantly (most famous and unashamed is the Yankees). They've won a lot of series, pennants, titles, etc., but even though they constantly go over their pay scale, they don't win every time.
    Money can't make someone win the same as someone taking enhancing drugs make them automatically better. Money makes someone more motivated to play and drugs makes them able to condition harder, better, faster, stronger-- you get the idea...

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    Part of the issue here is; (as far as I know) the Melbourne Storm has been in the Grand Final for three out of the last four years.

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    I really don't see the problem. Who cares if some players get paid more?

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    Seems like the penalties for the breach of salary cap, is going to cost the Melbourne Storm Club dearly.

    They have already lost a couple of major sponsors, the players will have to take a wage cut, their numbers will have to be reduced and no matter how many games they win this year, the team will not be awarded any points, (just been stripped of all their points). Therefore they will remain on zero, at the bottom of the competition ladder for the rest of the season, (till late September). The effect on their fan support base is yet to be seen, but it can not be good.

    Looks like even in this day and age, the world still does not like those who win by cheating.

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    Default Not just a salary cap breach.

    Dear Zephiel, you seem to have missed the point.
    The situation is not just about some minor over salary payments as such. As others have commented on the Australian Yahoo web site; Melbourne Storm have committed FRAUD to the extent of about $1.7 million (Australian) dollars over the last five years. They (as in their management) have run a set of duel contracts, a double set of books to hide the - over the salary cap - payments.
    This is illegal accounting, not just under the rules of the NRL (National Rugby League - the governing body in charge of the sport in Australia), but it is illegal under the laws of the country. It will become very interesting if the ATO (our IRS), gets into the act.

    The latest news is that; contract documents for three current Melbourne Storm players, have just been handed over to the auditor of salary caps. It has been reported that; the documents detail extra player payments, hidden as third party sponsor deals. Apparently third party sponsor deals to individual players, is also against the NRL rules.

    The Melbourne Storm team have also lost the prize money for their recent Grand Final Premiership wins. Last year when they won over the Parramatta team and in the 2007 Premiership, when they won over the Manly team (both teams are based in Sydney suburbs). There is now some speculation whether or not credit should be given to those two losing teams.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Okay, I don't get WHY it is illegal, though? I never saw the point to salary caps.

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    Default Why the cap?

    Well the point of the salary cap is to provide (at least on paper), a level playing field for all the teams in the competition.

    In recent times there was some suspicion as to how a relatively new team (and the only NRL team in the State of Victoria) the Melbourne Storm, could have had so much success over the last five years or so and retain such a higher quality of players compared to the other, much longer established teams, in the NRL competition.

    And now we know how, they keep their better players by cheating on the salary cap, which the NRL rules deem as illegal.

    But are they the only team to have done so?

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