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Thread: Legal or Spiral?

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    Default Legal or Spiral?

    What do you prefer to write on, when you must physically write on a sheet of paper? Do you prefer to use a legal pad or a spiral note book?

    Also, for bonus points :P what is the purpose/advantages of using a legal pad verses a spiral notebook?

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    I prefer to write on separate pieces of paper. Like you buy a pack of 200 and they aren't connected at all.

    Also: Spiral notebooks are a bitch for left handed people. Just sayin'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephiel View Post
    Also: Spiral notebooks are a bitch for left handed people. Just sayin'.
    This. Good god this.

    Seperate pieces of paper always when possible.

    Being left handed spiral notepads or any sort of obtrusive binders are too much of a hassle to deal with.

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    I prefer a legal pad, or separate loose-leaf sheets of paper without spirals. Spaghetti Paper notebooks (spiral-bound notebooks) get destroyed easily if the spirals are flattened by a textbook. However hybrid notebooks (a spiral-bound notebook with perforated pages for easy removal) are a happy medium. If I want my writing to last, and I don't plan on removing it from the book, I will use a composition book.
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    I use a 5-subject Mead 5-Star Advance notebook for class notes. They are expensive as all hell for notebooks (almost $10), but they are very, very nice, with a cloth covering over the rings (I have never had the rings get destroyed, which is amazing for a notebook) and plastic pocket dividers between the the subjects. I stock up during the fall sales (the 5-subject size is hard to find), and use one per semester. Basically, I decided after grade school that I was sick of school supplies that became a pain to use under normal wear and tear over the semester, and that moreover, I wanted to consolidate everything into a single volume wear possible.

    I literally write everything else down on plain computer paper, as I try to type most everything and computer paper is therefore the only type of paper I have close at hand.

    I'm keeping an eye on the blooming tablet market because I would love to move all of my notetaking to a single thin tablet device and never deal with a notebook ever again. Honestly, if Steve Jobs could pull his head out of his ass and put flash on the iPad, I'd buy one tomorrow.

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    I write on loose-leaf paper when I'm able to, but otherwise I use spiral notebooks, which is annoying once in awhile due to me being left-handed. I've grown so accustomed to it though that it hardly bothers me anymore. Unless it's one of those metal spiral ones where they come undone because they're cheap and you go to pull it out of your locker and it cuts your finger and you start shouting at it, causing everyone nearby to look at you oddly....Yea, those kind suck.

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    Write? On paper? How novel . I try to get by with as little writing as possible. I take my laptop to classes, and having finally found a chemical structure drawing program I can stand, I very rarely have to write much by hand. When I do, it's usually like lab notes, and we use hardbound notebooks for that, which are super handy because they're rigid enough to write on without a clipboard or whatever. I do keep a metal spiral bound notebook in my bag though. The spirals can be kinda annoying and bend easy, but if I ever use a notepad, I end up with a bag full of disorganized loose sheets. I also have a digital notepad that makes a digital copy of whatever I write, in addition to the paper copy, but I only really use that for calculus these days.

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    Spiral. I love spiral notebooks. I am just used to writing in them and have always used them. I am just curious as to why this is a necessary thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk7432 View Post
    Spiral. I love spiral notebooks. I am just used to writing in them and have always used them. I am just curious as to why this is a necessary thread?
    Nothing really, just wanted to get every ones opinion on something that we use just about every single day.

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