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Thread: diapered in hospital

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    Default diapered in hospital

    greetings, just passing time here in a hospital - diapered

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    Ok, so introduce yourself now?

    Here at Adisc we are a community. We like to get to know people more and although (almost) all of us have a liking of diapers which is what brings us here together it is not by any stretch the only thing we talk about.

    Why don't you share with us your hobbies and interests, so that we can all get to know you more?

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    From the 70's theme song Zoom

    Who are you! What do you do! How are You! We need you! So won't you zoom, zoom, zoomazoom!

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    Sorry you're in the hospital. I hope you get well soon. Like the others, I'd like to know what your other interests are, just to get to know you better.

    A friendly hello from,


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