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Thread: Premium Diapers vs Store Bought Diapers.

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    Default Premium Diapers vs Store Bought Diapers.

    My 100th post YAAAAAAAYYYYY!
    I've done some math and testing with the adult diaper market and figured out this...

    I bought a pack of Depends and Tena Super(USA version) to use them as they were meant to be.
    Wear and use them for 24 hours a day until the pack was finished.

    I took flooding into account so I tried the best I could to limit my voids to squirts every now and then to prevent flooding and allow the diaper to have time to absorb. I would also change when I feel the diaper was full and about to leak (or did leak).

    My fluid intake is usual for me I tend to drink a little more than the average person I believe.

    The point of my study is to show people the difference between a premium diaper and a diaper you can find anywhere. How paying more per diaper is still cheaper than paying for something that's cheaper and made for profit only.

    I don't/can't wet at night so it's held until morning when I let it squirt out over time through the morning.

    I'm also not counting by wettings since the average incontinent person doesn't. Also time is when I wake up til I got to sleep I'm not going on a certain time schedule.

    Depends Maximum Protection: (medium)
    Average cost per pack is about $18.00.(with taxes)
    Amount per pack 18
    Cost per diaper: $1.00

    Day 1: I used 6 diapers.
    Day 2: I used 4 diapers.
    Day 3: I used 5 diapers.
    Day 4: I used 3 diapers and I was out of the pack.

    I didn't really realize how much I was going through until day 2. It seemed scary to have to afford Depends to get some kind of independence from incontinence.
    I just went ahead and say I would go through about 2 packs of depend per week.
    Total cost per week: $36.00 (multiplied by 2 per week)
    Total cost per month: $144.00 (multiplied by 4 per month)
    Total cost per year: $1,872.00 (multiplied 1 week by 52 weeks per year)

    I took a day off to let my skin dry and heal and start a full day.

    USA Tena Super: (Medium)
    Average cost per pack: $21.00
    Amount per pack: 28
    Cost per diaper: $0.75

    Day 1: I used 4 diapers.
    Day 2: I used 4 diapers.
    Day 3: I used 4 diapers.
    Day 4: I used 4 diapers.
    Day 5: I used 4 diapers.
    Day 6: I used 3 diapers.
    Day 7: I used 4 diapers. I Stopped the study after a week and I still had 1 diaper left.
    I'll go ahead and say I'll probably go through 1 pack per week.

    Total cost per week: $21.00 (on pack per week)
    Total cost per month: $84.00 (4 packs per month)
    Total cost per year: $1,092.00 (52 packs per year)

    So to give points to a few arguments...

    Overall Tena is a VERY discreet diaper and no longer has those tape strips on the front of their diapers and went with the velcro like tapes? These diapers are very quiet and discreet and protect your clothing quite well.

    Depend on the other hand is OK but leaks often. I'm actually kinda nervous to go out into public when wearing these not trusting them to hold up. Also to bring diapers with you to work would be scary for me cause at to think I would have to bring a couple extra around. While wear Tena's I could keep a spare in my car in case. Though Tena has no leg guards and it still gives you good amount of protection until it is filled to capacity. It just doesn't strike me why the Depends have leg guards probably for fecal containment. Depends are thin, have minimal protection and they make me nervous wearing them especially when I wet them. I feel like they are always gonna leak on me.
    I feel quite lucky to have a store in my town of Lafayette, Louisiana that supplies Tena Ultra, Tena Supers other than Depend or the like.

    Now to the savings of having Premium Diapers vs. Store bought diapers.

    Weekly Savings: Depends $36.00 - Tena $21.00 = $15.00 Savings.
    Monthly Savings: Depends $144.00 - Tena $84.00 = $60.00 Savings.
    Yearly Savings: Depends $1,872.00 - Tena $1,092 = $780.00 Savings.
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    If you go to the XPMedical site they have this listed for most of the diapers they carry.

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    You can get Tena Supers at Drug Emporium on Bertrand near Cajun Field

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    The diaper math works. Since most people here have access to the internet, they can order the premium diapers such as Molicare, Tena, Abena, or Bambino.

    This math holds up with ALL of them.

    When I was in college, I had access to Depends and went through 5-6 diapers per day. I ordered mine through HDIS to get better pricing and case quantities compared to the 18-24 amount available in the store.

    Now, as an adult who will be 40 soon, I use Magic Medical and Bambino regularly (Bambino is a few cities away from me, the free ground shipping means I get them next day). Using these premium diapers, I go through 2-3 diapers per day.

    The cost of the premium diapers can run 1.5X to 1.7X the cheapo Depends. My usage of the depends was 2X that of the premiums. I need less diapers, I save money. When diapers are not a choice, this is important.

    I do make enough as a top electronics engineer that I can get things for 'play', so I do get AB Cushies from time to time. The scented diaper really tends to bring back memories for me since I was in disposable Pampers as a young child until age 8, and on and off using them for several years after. It wasn't until the 1980's that the first fitted diapers came out and I could wear one without a pair of plastic pants.

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    I bet it could be a very expensive disorder over time. I've also done Abena vs Depend a few years ago. The savings were pretty amazing. Even if you buy Depend by the case its still frightfully expensive. The thought that keeps wandering around my mind is to open a chain store that sells premium stuff, not just incontinence, but many other things that could significantly reduce costs with quality. Even most online retailers sell Depend, First Quality, and ect. They all are cheaply made to bring in a huge profit. Everyone has to suffer for it in this world, it really sucks. From products ranging from AtoZ. Would people rather price or quality? If they knew what kind of savings they could have.

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