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Thread: Camp Barnabas!

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    Default Camp Barnabas!

    Anyone ever been?
    Or at least heard of it?

    I went as a CIA for terms one and two last year, I was a barnstormer for a year before that, and I plan to go as a CIA for terms one and nine this year.

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    It's a camp for kids and adults with special needs.
    A CIA is a counselor and a barnstormer is a 14-15-year-old who cleans bathrooms and washes dishes and stuff.

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    I have never heard of that camp, but I can imagine that there are a lot of camps like that across the nation. There's a medical summer camp in Charlottesville, VA that my daughter in law works at. They have a dialysis camp for children, diabetes camp, that sort of thing. It's a great opportunity for kids with special needs. There they can learn how to dialysis at home, or manage their diabetes, etc.

    For years I used to work church camps as part of my job as a church musician. Even though they were a lot of work, they also were a lot of fun. I always went away with this warm feeling.

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    It's the best place on Earth! People come from all across the US just for a week at Camp B. There are so many chants and fun songs. Here's the website if you wanna check it out. Home

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