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Thread: Size 6 Pampers

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    You might, barely. The best idea is probably to buy a small pack and try.

    You're borderline, so other factors can be in play. Are you a girl? If you're a guy, then it'll be a really tight squeeze to get your penis and testicles in as well, and probably not comfortable. If you're a girl, your hips can also be a factor. While a 28" waist may look the same on a girl be she 10 or 14, her hips are probably going to be bigger at age 14 than the diaper was designed for. Then again, you could be a late bloomer, or just not have pronounced hips. Sink in the $15 for the smallest available pack and see.

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    I say get Goodnites. Sure, they might be a little less babyish, but they're much more likely to fit. I can't speak from experience, but I can almost guarantee they'll fit. Why risk buying the Pampers? However, I will also add that the boy's Goodnites do not appeal much to me. The girl's Goodnites are much better, but do you mind wearing something designed for a girl? I don't know. Just figured this was all worth mentioning.

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    i rather try pampers first though
    only problem is where would i hide them
    i dont have a attic no more to hide them in
    and my garage is always checked for stuff

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    It might just barely fit, but it's going to look like a Speedo on you, and it's going to insta-leak if you try to wet it.

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    well I think it will fit me perfect since I know
    size 5 are a little tight on me but fit me
    but I'll see what happens
    (Do size 7 really exist? if yes would those fit me?)

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    hmmmm i'll just try the size 6 then
    (after I find a hiding place)

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    I'm just saying this.
    No baby diaper will fit.

    Can you wear them?
    But will the fit?
    Less likely.

    You have a better chance because you are smaller then others But I just doubt it will fit.

    I'd say just get normal adult diapers or something like that because they will fit.(ish people are built different.)

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