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    So today, I was thinking about cleaning my paci cause it fell under the bed, but I'm not sure if bleach will destroy the latex nipple? Is dish soap safe? Is there a way to pull the button pacifiers apart? Sorry, probably stupid questions, but I wanted to ask before I screwed something up.

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    Not stupid! A really good question that could help save my future investment in a Nuk 5. What I used to do with my invisalign retainer is soak it in hydrogen peroxide. Really helps clean out all the nooks from the form fitting device.

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    wouldn't denture cleaner work? that's what the orthodontist recommended for those ultra expensive retainers when I was a kid.

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    Exactly what Trevor said. Boil it in hot water for a few minutes, and then you're good to go.

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    I'll have to agree with the boiling method. Just stick it in a pot of boiling water on the stove for a few minutes and move it around with a fork or something.

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    Unless your immune system is totally shot just rinse it off. It's not like you dropped it on the floor of the bus or in the toilet.

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    hmmm, lot of things here. So I put my experience: If the paci doesnīt take something what stinks (except mouth, that usualy stinks all mornings) or is toxic, boil process isnīt necesary. If you repat that lot of times, is fast way to damage paci, well - it takes more and more fragility and finaly has holes etc. So boil new, thatīs enough. I use only clear water, not cold, not hot. In public I havenīt courage to take my paci - one problem down. If is necesary, I use teeth cleaner, but it realy sometimes.

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    I'd probably just use dish soap or regular hand soap. Just make sure you rinse it off real well so you don't taste soap every time you use it = P

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    yeah boiling it would remove any ferms that might cause anything, so just boil it!

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