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    So I went out to fred meyer and I noticed they where on sale. I ended up paying $12 because I accidentally double scanned them and didn't have the courage to have someone come and fix it. Haven't used any yet but I will be posting pics once I borrow a camera later tonight. Interesting concept and they look pretty underwear like.

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    I've really been looking forward to seeing some pictures of them... I always like trying new things, and these looked good for discreet wearing, even if they are oonly Depends.

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    I saw those too! Glad you said something because I forgot about them. They're almost like Goodnites for adults, but feel (from outside the plastic packaging) more like padded long john/thermal shorts. Great for someone that needs 'conscious' protection.

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    I know what you're talking about. I bought a pack of them the other day. They're basically adult sized goodnites, and I love the patterns on them (except forthe stonewashed ones). I use them as diaper covers, they really cover up the sounds of that explosive crinkle from the fitted briefs.

    Edit: Sorry for repeating what you said, Kite. You posted like a second before me.

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    Just opened them up and they are not as discreet as they look in the package. I would say that they are just as discreet as the old depend underwear the rippled sides are a huge giveaway. I am not positive because I haven't worn Depends in a while but the padding seems way thinner then the old Depends So unless they are using a new polymer a think these are going to suck. They are super comfy though; more so then any other pull up I have tried.

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    huh, I was entirely unaware that these were on the market. They look cool the Depends website, though. My only complaint is that the patterns on the women's underwear are better than the ones on the men's IMO.

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    I am actually amazed by how much these absorb even though they are so thin I have already wet twice and it is a little saggy but it hasn't leaked and there is room for more. I think that Kimberly-Clark may have just literally upscaled the goodnight. It is like when I first used a goodnight I was amazed by the absorbency for the size, I can't find a camera tonight so I can't post images.

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    Sounds like a good purchase. I know them being Depends and absorbing that much is astonishing. Maybe I should buy ones! You should really get a camera, I really want to see them! I would love to wear a goodnite-like diaper my size!

    Thank you very much for this diaper update!

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    Just had to change but I have been drinking like gallons of water today because I am donating blood tomorrow.

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    Now I REALLY would like to get some... I kinda wish they came in packs larger then 6, but oh well.

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