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    Post Heelllloooooo!

    Normally I don't post introductions- it feels weird to reduce my existence to a string of text not to exceed a certain character limit. Then again, I'm bored, so why not?

    I'm a pretty normal guy: girlfriend (yes, she knows), life, career-in-progress. I'm looking to go back to school for medicine right now.

    I'm a pretty outdoors person, I like camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, etc. Always been that way, pretty much. I'm happiest with a pack out on the trail, and hope to one day thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. I'm also working on my SCUBA certification.

    Aside from the ABDL aspect, I'm also transgender and (more or less) bisexual. I find sexuality a fascinating topic, as well as gender, in how we use them and develop them within ourselves.

    I'm a very religious person and a devoted Wiccan. I belong to a church (ask if you're curious) but don't have a coven, for a few different reasons. Though, I hope to find one at some point in the future. I find religion and spirituality a fascinating topic. It's a big part of who I am, and it's one I developed in light, and not in spite, of my ABDLism. It's one thing I love talking to people about, both mine and their's. I like to know how other people think of Creation differently than I do. Respectfully, of course.

    Biographically, I thought I was alone until one day when I was suspended from school for a fight (oh yea, I totally won) and had the computer to myself for a day. Though I started off looking at pictures of, well, take a guess (I WAS 12, after all), I eventually did a search for the phrase "adult baby", having no idea what I expected to pop up. I few seconds later I found DPF, and realized I wasn't alone. This was a long time ago, late 90s- DPF didn't even have its teen forum yet. But I knew I wasn't alone. I didn't check after that for a long time, as my Dad looked in the internet history (oops) and I got in huge trouble. Luckily, DPF was dismissed with all the other things I'd been looking at.

    A few years later, with my own computer, I went back to DPF and found the teen forum. I signed up and was a regular for a few years, checking less as school started demanding more of my time and the site began to fall to trolls. I haven't had a diaper-home on the internet since, though I hope this might be a new one!

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    Welcome to ADisc! Nice to meet you. I hope this is your home now, its really fun here. Make new friends and have a good time!

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    hello and Welcome to ADISC
    yes sexuality is fascinating. so many diffeerent types and genders and stuff

    also. what are you going to med school for?

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    There's not another site like adisc, so I think you will feel comfortable here. There's also two other medical students on the site, I believe, so you should feel at home. Welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironfox View Post
    what are you going to med school for?
    That's still an in-progress thing. I finished my undregraduate work and took a job, now I'm looking to go back to school. My GPA is under a 3, so I won't get into med school straight off. Luckily, I kill standardized exams, and I think (hope) my GREs are good enough to get me into graduate school. I'm looking at Biomedical Science Master's programs. So I'll strengthen my application and then apply. Plus, MBS programs usually exist under the jurisdiction of a college's medical school, so it's a good foot in the door.

    I have a number of different interests I might pursue. I'd like to do something with surgery, which has a number of options. From there, it's a question of what. The thought of working with children appeals to me (I'm actually a teacher), so there's pediatrics. As a transgender I have a lot of interest in sexual differentiation and dimorphism, so urology/gynecology/obstetrics is of interest. There's also always the option of combining specialties- there are some people actually licensed as urogynecologists- but that's something to think about later.

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    Coolios. Welcome to the forum. Random question: is the church you're involved with Universalist Unitarian by any chance? I know you said you were a Wiccan, but your avatar reminds me of the UU symbol, so I thought I'd ask.

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    It is! That's actually the chalice I wear on a necklace. Some colored pencils, paper, and a digital camera later I made it into an avatar.

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    Ideal ABDL site doesnīt exist, sometimes hereīs too a lot of spam and trolls, but admins lokking like responsables and closing or deleting, what isnīn accepted with primary ideas of adisc. They helped me a lot. Moo especialy.

    Iīlove to go to the forest too, is only there, when i feel freedom. If you know where, you can be hidden and without disturbs of the civilazation whole days, thatīs what I love there. But be careful, if you visit some unknown place - I was atacked by scorpion in my improvised bed, in that hard times when I left my central Europe natural site and moved to Spain.

    So have a nice time here and check good your PC. Your parents may be not so comprensive, thatīs a problem mostly of teenagers. I have a good luck, my wife is psycologist and understand my madness.

    Good luck

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