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Thread: Does anyone know these diapers?

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    Default Does anyone know these diapers?

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    Looking at their website I doubt they sell to anyone but clinics, hospitals and maybe some medical supply suppliers. Selling stuff for the retail market is often less profitable than selling to institutions so companies avoid it when possible.

    If it's any consolation their adult diaper sound really crappy (fluff with no SAP gel) and I doubt their baby diapers are much better. Diapers for use in hospitals are made for immobile people that get changed more pretty often.

    If you really want a baby diaper that big they sell them in Japan. They are called GOON super big and are marketed for bed wetters. It is pretty expensive to get them shipped though.

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    yeah, ive seen the goon ones but they are not that interesting to me, the packaging sucks and the diaper has no cartoons on the tape. the diapers from Svas has cartoons on them and they look like regular baby diapers, but the size looks like its HUGE.

    Do you know anyone that can help locate a place, medical supplier or retail, that carry and will ship these diapers?

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    They might have some of that info on the website for their diapers.

    as for tapes, there are places where you can order some cute tapes.

    basicly, a roll of masking tape, but its all special printed on, totaly transparent except for all the various designs. you apply a single layer of tape wherever you would expect prints.

    Or, pamperchu (I spelled wrong?) posted a video showing how to make your "own" tapes.

    just print them out on paper, cut said paper, place on diaper, put masking tape overtop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanitahappies View Post
    Do you know anyone that can help locate a place, medical supplier or retail, that carry and will ship these diapers?
    Maybe there is someone from Italy on here that knows if these are sold retail anywhere. Other than that check ebay.

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