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Thread: Plastic backed.....

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    Default Plastic backed.....

    Hi everyone,

    It has come to the time were i need to buy some more nappies, can anyone tell me which ones are still plastic backed? I used to wear Kendall Lille Supreme which i do believe have gone to cloth now I read more and more that most of them are going to cloth which i am really not happy about

    Just to add i am in the UK

    Thankyou in advance for everyones help,


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    Welcome to the site J

    There are still many nappies that are plastic backed and in the UK, one of the favourites has to be Tena Slip. Also I believe abri-form are still plastic with the exception of the Air Plus Range.

    You might also like to make an introduction at some point, it helps everyone here get to know a bit better.


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    Abena make's cloth backed and plastic backed X-plus diapers, they are made in Denmark so I assume they would be eaiser to get in the UK then they are here in the states. Of course they are seriously thick and re-taping them would be a somewhat bad idea, and they can last for sometime.

    I haven't tried Tena diapers myself but I hear they are better then depends still.

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    Right now I have a few diapers I bought with plastic backing I will not buy diapers without plastic, Abena still makes plastic so does Tranquility and Secure.

    Most places you shop by the case will have an option for plastic of cloth like, check carefully when you order.

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    Some of the best plastic backed diapers that you can find are only conveniently available over the internet. If this presents a problem, I don't think I have it on very good authority as to what plastic backed brands can be obtained in more of a local setting.

    If this isn't a problem, of course, you've got your options open

    I can mostly recommend Molicare, that being the brand that I've had experience with (It may be available at stores such as CVS, but I've never been able to check that myself). It's considered by many to be one of the top *B/DL diapers on the market, known for its excellent quality in capacity, comfort, and durability, all coming in the form of an awesome, purple, plastic backed diaper.

    Another brand to look for over the internet would be the eponymous Bambino, coming in both the plain white "Bianco" variant, and the design emblazoned "Classic" variant. I've got no personal experience, but I've only heard good things; a quality diaper made for *B/DLs by *B/DLs. That, and it's plastic backed to boot!

    You'll probably find various generics using a plastic backing if you try your luck, but as you said, they tend to be phasing that aspect of design out in favor of cloth backed diapers :\ Noble for the target demographic, a drawback for most in our circles.

    Good luck at finding what you're looking for!

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    Yes mate its a sad sad situation esp for us peeps with a lower diaper money budget allocation (and those outside of the Bambinoland )

    I was really sad to see Lille Maxi's go cloth so i bought a pack of Depend Super's (note these are the amazing über thick non chemist depends with 4 tabs which you Americans seem not to be allowed) anyway they are now too fucking cloth backed!!

    Grrr! So scratch them off. Too bad the plastic backed white depend super with its waist band was the most babyish proper adult diaper ive come across which arn't designed for AB/DL's.
    Gahh the diaper fun police must've caught on that there was a low cost ABish diaper out there

    Anyway i do recommend you go with one of the premium European nappies. Abri X+, Molicare S+, or id recommend Tena slip Maxi's. Here in crappy Australia they only sell them in 8pks! and for around $20 but in Europe i know they sell 'em in big packs. So i think that's a win ^^

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    Hi, sorry havent been on in a while, just like to say thankyou for all the feedback and im glad there are still some out there! Who knows what the future may bring though - looks like we will all need to stock up lol

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    Yeah do not order the Kendall's as they are cloth.

    I just bought a pack of Attends Regular Slip from Incontinence and Continence Care Products from Attends - incontinence, incontinence pads, incontinence health information, adult incontinence products, continence care, urinary incontinence, bladder weakness. and they are plastic backed rather than their new cloth backed range.

    Also I suggest Cuddlz ABDL Adult Nappy Diaper Store they are fantastic nappies which are all pure white & made for AB's in mind

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    If baby diapers are your thing, last time i had them, the Tesco Value ones were plastic backed. Those were actually great diapers, lasted as long as more expensive ones but felt more soggy and i loved the smell and feel of them being plastic backed.

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    So are Asda Unisex, Sainsbury's basics, and Wilkinsons Right Price (or whatever they are now called)....they are also plastic-backed.....

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