View Poll Results: When all the diapers in the world go cloth backed, how would you react?

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  • I'm oblivious or don't care at all.

    21 17.36%
  • I rather cloth backed diapers anyway!

    9 7.44%
  • I would be lightly upset, won't take me long to get over it.

    32 26.45%
  • I would be disappointed for awhile. Then there's Ebay!

    22 18.18%
  • I'll go to real cloth diapers, Theres always plastic pants to go over them!

    21 17.36%
  • I would contact some companies about making a plastic backed diaper.

    27 22.31%
  • I'll make my own company and make the best diapers ever!

    9 7.44%
  • Blow up all the diaper companies muahahahaha!

    26 21.49%
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Thread: Diaper Armageddon

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    Exclamation Diaper Armageddon

    Well, We all know soon what will happen.

    Possibly in the next couple of years at the most.

    It seems like every adult diaper is becoming a cloth like diaper. It will happen. Then about a few years from then, new members here will probably never know there were once plastic backed diapers in this world until they talk to some older members. They will also might think, "Who would want to wear a plastic diaper".

    Then our one hope would be Bambino. (Can't depend on ABU, they'll be shut down for no business soon with their customer service).

    From what people have been saying...Bambino has been going towards a more discreet plastic.

    If I want a discreet diaper, I would buy the US Tena Supers. (For discreetness, I can't hear any crinkling at all with US Tena.)

    Bambino diapers are made for us. When I pay extra for a diaper that is supposed to be for fun; I want it to be crinkly, thick, absorbent, cute, and did I mention crinkly?(Do you agree?)

    I know some of you rather discreetness, but if you're looking for discreetness, Bambino isn't the way. There's plenty of choices like Abena Air product line that is absorbent and thick. I don't know if people have been asking for a more discreet diaper or not, if so? Go with Abena instead.

    Well when the world is rid of plastic diapers, would you be upset? How would you think you would react? Explain your answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post
    new members here will probably never know there were once plastic backed diapers in this world until they talk to some older members. They will also might think, "Who would want to wear a plastic diaper".
    This is pretty much it. I'm not young enough to have actually used cloth-backed diapers as a baby, but they're what I can remember growing up. I don't know if I really care that much either way, but in a practical sense, so long as they work well, cloth-backed makes more sense for how I wear. I wouldn't shed any tears if they stopped making plastic ones, but I won't be petitioning to get rid of them either.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I like the taping mechanism on the Attends cloth-backed diapers. What I *don't* like are diapers that are 70% cloth backed that have a goofy strip of plastic for the tapes. I can deal with all plastic or all cloth-backed, but I don't like it half-and-half.

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    There's no 'I'd be completely devastated and wouldn't know what to do with myself' option!!

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    I'd probably obsessively preserve my last remaining plastic backed nappies, and be torn between thinking, 'For goodness sake, just use them, it's just a nappy' and 'But I'll never have one like this again!!' Not looking forward to that.

    It's not that I'm emotionally attached to plastic backed, it's because they work!

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    If you like plastic, why not enhance your cloth backed diaper with a cute design plastic pant? Us cloth diaper users have to go plastic pants. They're kind of nice.

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    Butterfly Mage


    My big beef with the adult diaper industry isn't the trend towards cloth-like backing, but rather the trend toward making diapers less reliable, less absorbent, and more expensive. The Depend line is a joke. Attends has become greatly degraded and very expensive. The only really good adult diapers are made my Abena and Molicare, but they must be special ordered. You can't get them at the pharmacy.

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    If my only choice was to wear cloth backed diapers I would wear real cloth diapers. Cloth backed diapers still have some level of plastic in them and will always be environmentally bad. Really the companies making diapers that are going all cloth backed might be accidentally phasing themselves out when people can think "well, I already use disposable cloth diapers that are more expensive then ever... I might as well use reuseable ones now."

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