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    Recently, I have been back in diapers and I have noticed something about it. With the rubbing of my privates against my diapers, I have been a bit hornier than usual. I have been feeling more sexually active than I was before going back into diapers.

    I remember going through this when I first had to wear diapers in the past. I was wondering if this was common among those who wear diapers. I have had to go back into diapers, because there have been times when I am not paying attention, I'll have accidents, or near accidents.

    I was wondering if that was common or not.

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    Diapers are sometimes a sexual thing. Obviously, rubbing yourself against your diapers will make it more sexual.

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    I remember that happened to me the first couple of times I put on a diaper but it doesn't happen so much now. It may just be sense of excitement but it's possible that diapers are a sexual thing for you in which case, what you described would be a normal reaction.

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    I think also it's cause I have sensitive skin, especially around ummm, that area. I always was a bit sensitive. At least that's one theory. Plus, maybe it's the warmth of the diaper or something I dunnknow.

    I was just curious if it was common. This is not a troll post or anything or a fap post. Just curious if it happens to others.


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    I think if there was a poll you will find out that this is more common than you think. I personally went through that at first but now there is nothing, just the mental joy that my pants are going to stay dry, lol.

    I remember the first time my wife had to help me put on a night diaper because I had just gotten out of the hospital and couldn't do it myself, I got hard and she was upset at first and so was I. This happened because I had never had anyone ever help me and the touch of someone else will normally cause this. It bothered me really bad when this happened because it wasn't a sexual thing. Now call it strange or weird or what ever the next night it didn't happen and never happened again when she had to help.

    The best advise I can give you is do your best to ignore it and once your diaper is on, start being active to get your mind off of the diaper change.

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    Diapers are always sexual for me, and just putting one on puts me mentally into an entirely different place. That said, I have noticed that Spring has made me more horny. It is the time of year where mature buds and mates, so the bio clock may be contributing as well.

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    I always feel really horny when I first start wearing diapers again after I've gone a long time without them but after about a week or so of being in diapers I become much less sensitive to it. I'm sure if my wife was to touch anywhere near there when I was diapered though it wouldn't matter how long I had been wearing again, I would be excited by it.

    Oh, and GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

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    I've gotta admit. I'm, too, one of those who find diapers pretty exciting. I actually discovered what was an orgasm with diapers!

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy
    That said, I have noticed that Spring has made me more horny.
    LOL me too! I actually had very hard time having orgasm while doing "the thing" during the winter. Right now it comes much faster.

    I think our instinct has something to do with that. Animals usually couple at spring, and as far as I know, we are animals, right?
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