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Thread: Hymn to The Fallen

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    Default Hymn to The Fallen

    YouTube - ?Saving Private Ryan?Hymn to the Fallen

    . My dad loves Saving Private Ryan (him being an Army Ranger) and loves John Williams just as much as he does the army. So when my grandma bought him the soundtrack to the movie, he went ape. This is track 1 on that CD. It got me in a patriotic kinda mood.

    Maybe you all will get the same vibe. I got the FLAC rip of the soundtrack and sounds absolutely amazing on my system. As if I was watching the orchestra in concert. I honestly think you can't grasp the full feeling of this song if it's not maximum quality, but I suppose for some it will still make you feel it.


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    ive listened to it. and yeah it has a feeling to it.

    when it comes to remembering the fallen, i think of king theodens line "tonight we remember those who gave their blood to defend this country, hail the victorious dead"

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    Doesn't this belong in off-topics?

    Also, mm3, I love that song. It's really powerful. May I suggest Mansions of the Lord?

    --The Foxxeh Assassin--

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