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Thread: OK, I'm shy, but I'm here now....

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    Default OK, I'm shy, but I'm here now....

    Hello all!

    OK, I'm shy, but I'm here now....

    To start off I must confess that the name and persona I use is my on-line thing. I use it with many other variations that I enjoy.
    That "I" enjoy, now there's more to that. I used to enjoy many of the aforementioned variations with various intimate friends, but for about the past 20 years or so they were mostly solo.

    I was introduced to the AB/DL "variation" over 20 years ago by one of those intimate friends. It became one of "our" special at home or bedroom things. It was very pleasurable.

    I'm not into the "wetting" or "messing" scene as this brings back too many painful memories of childhood and bed-wetting that I endured untill I was in about the sixth or seventh grade.

    Still, the feeling of a padded, diapered, behind brings a feeling of security into my stressful life. I enjoy that feeling sometimes overnight and many times during the day while doing chores around the house.

    Presently I live in Pennsylvania and could be classified as a fledgling "old-fart".

    I could write more, but I must get down to the supermarket before it closes, so I hope this will suffice as a brief introduction....


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    Greetings and welcome, what about you and pacis ? If you have experience like this, you can teach me

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    What other interests do you have other than diapers? Don't get me wrong, I love them too, I just would like to know more about you, you know, get to know you. I like musc a lot and movies. I like to socialize and play cards (poker). What do you like?


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    Hello, welcome to the site. Don't be shy, we wont eat you... for now. ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by BBFx View Post
    we wont eat you...
    Speak for yourself...

    *waits for their back to be turned*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose View Post
    What other interests do you have other than diapers? Don't get me wrong, I love them too, I just would like to know more about you, you know, get to know you. I like musc a lot and movies. I like to socialize and play cards (poker). What do you like?

    I participate a lot in a handy(person) forum, I like to fix stuff, from `puters to lawn mowers, if it's broke, most times I can fix it. I do rudimentary web pages, not too much fancy stuff, I do graphics, (still using Adobe Photoshop 4.0), I like the science fiction stuff, read it as well as watch it on the tube. I've been known to do sewing as well as operating all sorts of woodworking machinery. I've got a commercial driver's license. I can do plumbing, electrical work and appliance repairs. I traveled the world doing electronic repairs, (Australia, Japan, S-Korea, Germany, Luxembourg, Honduras, to name a few...), retired now.
    I have an interest in x-dressing, fashion and following fashion design. I've written some diapering stories, (years and years ago), as well as others. The diapering stories were written under a pen name of "Trudy".

    I've also been published in various unrelated magazines on varied subjects.

    Does that help a bit?

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    Trudy sounds familiar. I think I may have read at least one.

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    Smile Hi DogBoy,

    Hi DogBoy,
    I may have penned (or typed) about a dozen. The interesting thing about that as it was so long ago, is that some of them have been plagiarized under other people's names.
    But what can you do?
    Back when I could still access the 5-1/4 inch floppy disks on my TI, I managed to transfer a few serially to a PC. That was when I had a 286 based machine. Those few I transferred from machine to machine to my present Windoz 2000 based machine.
    I think the most noteworthy one was called the Halloween Chronicles. It had four chapters or sub-parts, each about a different young girl.
    I've seen the four split up under different author's names! Now that in itself is strange as one website had three of them, obviously interrelated stories, under different author's names! LOL.

    Now before I get condemned for writing such a thing, let me explain...
    It was written for a woman I knew that had an affinity for DL and many other "variations", but primarily DL and age regression and it was intended for her to imagine herself as each of the girls in the story.
    Looking back on it, it was pretty taboo at that time and may be more so today. But it was only a story.


    PS: without editing my previous post, (that's not really the thing to do), I may have sounded rather pompous, my apologies, I was rushed at the time and should have let a reply go until I had adequate time to reply properly.

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    Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it here.

    I'm also kind of a handy man.... Well most of the time I break things trying to figure out how they work. An most of the time they are working perfectly fine, until I get my hands on them. But when something does break, or I do break it. I can fix it also.

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    Thanks Crinolyn! Now I get the picture. I'm not much of a handyman, but I play a mean guitar though (at least I think so). I have never been outside the contiguous USA either and I don't know that I've ever written a whole story either. I'm more into metaphysics and spirituality than anything else - these are my specialties. Nice to hear more about you.

    I've been fantasizing about age regression since I was four years old. I wanted to be two again. As for taboos, I think it is fair to say that many are qiuck to judge and slow to understand. I simply keep my honor by being honest with myself and those who need to know about the issues at hand. Anyway I'm just making conversation.

    By for now,


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