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    Talking Bonjour!

    Hello everyone I'm Damien an I live in West Virginia and pretty soon will be attending Marshall University .

    I'm 19 and would consider myself a pretty "normal" (as normal as anyone really gets lol) person.

    There aren't really many things which interest me, but when I do become interested in something I go all out. A few things I'm currently obsessed with are: MMORPGs (world of warcraft mostly), Movies(Comedy mostly), and, believe it or not, school (love learning lol).

    I like to think I'm a real down to earth kinda guy. I try to make sure I'm putting my best foot forward, but I realize it won't always happen. I love meeting people and having meaningful conversations even more, though it seems I get few of the first and even less of the later. Hoping for more of both here lol.

    I've known about/viewed the forums several times before I just didn't really feel up to posting until now, lol, sorry for the delay. If anyone has any questions for me don't hesitate to ask.

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    hey there, damien! welcome to the forums!

    sooo... WoW fan, huh? what level is your highest toon atm? totally have to ask, since i too am a WoW nerd. XD

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    haha lol my highest level is 80 at the moment, other than that I've got a 73, and three level 40s and what about yourself?

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    Ahhhh, top level. I've got an 80 mage keeping me busy with raiding, and a few alts strewn on the side. What's your level 80?

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    Meaningful conversation? It's hard to come by anymore. But I would be glad to give it a go with you if you're interested, provided we have a good topic. I don't play video games though. I sold my X boxes two years ago. I just got tired of playing with myself lol. Anyway I just thought I'd drop you a line to be friendly.


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