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Thread: ipod

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    Default ipod

    which ipod(s) do you have
    i have the 6g classic 80

    talk about features

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    5g 80g with a iHome....god I'm such a tool when it comes to MP3 players, oh well it got stolen 2 weeks ago

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    I don't have one and I'm not sure if I want one. I might be happier with another comparable MP3 player. I have two MP3 players with smaller amounts of space and I barely use them though. I'm usually playing PSP or DS. Anyway, iPods look cool and I know quite a few people who have them, but I'm not sure if it would be my first choice or not.

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    I have a blue 4GB iPod Mini I bought a few years ago. It.... plays music. Uh.

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    From my Christmas tips last year I bought myself I an 80g silver one.
    I had a really good MP3 player before, but it could only hold so much... I like to all my music with me. It'll be a long while until I fill this thing up!

    And I just love seeing cover art, it's cool!

    I just don't like iTunes though! It's so stupid, you can't control how the music is organised or anything, and it hates soundtracks or stuff with various artists!

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    I didn't buy an I pod because they were too much money, I bought a 4 gig creative labs zen V for 80 bucks and I'm quite happy with it.

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    aka, the "tell us how much money you (or Mommy and Daddy) have to blow on overpriced mp3 players" thread.

    That said, I have a black (really more of a charcoal) 8 gig ipod nano, whatever the newest generation is, a black skin for it, and a thing that's hooked up to my car that I can plug it into.

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    I have a 2gb black nano (1st gen, bought it when they first came out) and a 8gb black nano (the short fat one). The second nano I got a deal on, so I decided to splurge... it was getting to be a pain only having 2 gb - I was constantly deleting podcasts and music :/

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