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Thread: what do you think dreams are?

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    Default what do you think dreams are?

    i think some of then are grouping up with other friends in a dream
    visions from another quantum reality
    thoughts from another quantum reality
    stuff that happened in RL


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    unfinished thoughts lingering in the back of your head during the day, and if you don't think about them before bed, they'll be in your dreams.

    If only we could program our dreams to what we desire before bedtime.

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    I dont know about that. I've dreamed of another world for years. Not based off a tv show, not based on a story but just something that I've had in my mind for many years. Maybe one day I'll write a book about it like JK Rowling did. But for now this world remains to be in my dreams.

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    I think it's the subconcious try to entertain itself with snippets of thoughts and whatnot from the higher brain functions.

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    I think that dreams are just crazy things that are happening in your subconscious.
    Whenever I have an interesting dream, I think about it and always figure out where elements of he dream came from. "Oh, X was in there because I saw Y happen the day before" or something like that.
    But that's just the details. How the dream forms a plot is beyond me!

    Dreams are, for me, a short story based on something that I think/worry about, with all the backdrops, props and details filled in with things that I have seen in the previous day.

    So I might have a dream about my stash being found (plot, something that probably worries most of us), and then the people who find the stash might be people I've spent time with that day, the diapers they find might a diaper I've seen on the net or something, the whole dream might take place in a room that I've seen in a movie I recently watch.

    Anybody find that playing computer games right before going to sleep causes nightmares? I always dream about the game in some bizarre way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapeybabybrian View Post
    If only we could program our dreams to what we desire before bedtime.
    You sort of can, if you practice lots you can be totally in control of what happens in your dream. I never managed to do it, but one of my friends was telling me all about it.

    Anyway, dreams are just your mind doing stuff in odd ways because you'd go insane if it actually turned off completly. It's just like chucking junk through, not because you actually need to process the information but just to keep everything running properly. I think that's what it is anyway, but I have no evidence for it.

    Edit: Oh, and your dreams also seem to be things you worry about a lot. Which explains why all my dreams involve me being rejected

    also: 250th post

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    A break from the conscious mind and entrance to the unconscious mind which is not bound by reality and driven by the person's soul desire(s), it is a point where our brain activity spike and we begin to what some would say hallucinate to way beyond our concept of reality, it is theorized that this is how Einstein devised his theory of relativity, by using his dreams to unlock the full potential of the unconscious human mind.

    td;dr: Dreams are the unconscious representation of your mind in full use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diapeybabybrian View Post
    If only we could program our dreams to what we desire before bedtime.
    That would be lucid dreaming. It is very possible and achievable to everyone.

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    Dreams are the manifestation of your Subconscious

    For Me:
    Dreams are the door for another World, Our own world!

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