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    Default A Wonderful Wife

    I must admit, I feel like I have the most wonderful wife in the world sometimes!!!

    When our children were just babies, I was treated to occasional breastfeedings to help her keep the fullness and pressure down if they were not eating at that time. To this day, she will still let me suckle at her breasts when we are in bed together.

    Here is the best thing. Not only that, but she will diaper me from time to time and, occasionally, feed me a bottle of warm milk while snuggling and cuddling in bed. She doesn't fully understand why I like it, but as long as it is only once every few nights to once a week, she can handle it. She's known about my incontinence since we first started dating, so diapers were never a surprise to her.

    I really feel lucky!!!

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    If you're telling the truth, then yes, you are incredibly lucky.

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    This is not just about me only getting what I want. Usually I take the time to make sure my wife is *VERY* well satisfied in bed before I start worrying about my desires. With the tough headaches I face, it can sometimes mean that she will get her desires sated and we will get stopped before going further. So this is one of the ways that she will take care of my desires, especially if she is not in the mood on another night.

    We've had our 'kinks' before and she understands that I do enjoy this. Sometimes I think it may be from lack of caring I received when I was young (my mother did not want a son, especially after her bitter divorce with dad). I'm also not sure if it comes from how much I was in diapers at a young age, being in them 24/7 until eight and on and off ever since.

    Our eighteen year anniversary comes up soon, no surprise there!

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    What I had meant was that her giving me a bottle isn't just about me getting my desires fulfilled. A good marriage is always about give and take. It's how we've lasted eighteen years.

    I'm not trying to weird anyone out or anything, I'm sorry if I did. I just felt really good last night after she gave me a bottle for bedtime. I'm lucky that she does that for me, and she also lets me suckle/breastfeed.

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    Default Very Lucky Indeed!

    You are very lucky indeed!
    On the other hand, I am slowly working on bringing my significant other into the fold, so to speak.
    After 20+ years of marriage we've had our ups and downs and this variation is one that I think can be accepted.
    So far "bedroom" games with the "baby" theme have gone well.
    Now all we have to do is gradually expand the "bedroom" or take it out of the bedroom...


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    I know what you are talking about!! My wife has diapered me almost every night, for the most of 10 years, for my nighttime diaper wearing (using cloth diapers and plastic pants). And sometimes if she is really in the mood, will diaper me VERY babyishly. And I have LOVED every moment of it!!!!

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    Indeed - you are INCREDIBLY lucky.

    I'm in a similar situation - my girlfriend lets me suckle her chest at night to get to sleep - amazing feeling!

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    AnalogRTO, what you said, it's a give and take to make it last is very important. Very happy that the two of you have such a strong love for each other and that you are able to please each other with out being one sided.

    Keep loving her, you have such a wonderful lady in your life and is rare.

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