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Thread: So you wanna be incontinent?

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    Default So you wanna be incontinent?

    On every forum and chat I been to I keep seeing the same stuff over an over. "Will this make me incontinent", "What can I do to be incontinent", "I want to be incon.."
    The replies from those who are really incon are always the same - that "You wish for it now but you wouldn't ever really want to be.." I have had many mixed feelings when reading this stuff from laughing at how silly people sound to getting down right mad at the people for the lack of common sense in the way they say things. So I thought about it more and tried to understand the mentality deeper. I took it as a research project in a way and I think I understand a little more but now I have some direct questions to those who "want to be incon".

    1) Do you really think being incon will make you any more or less an AB?

    2) Do you really have the daily life routine to acomodate being incon?
    ...A) Can you really afford it? Diapers are expensive, cloth diapers require lots of extra time to care for. If you decide to "change your mind" are you prepared to realize that you may not have that choice anymore? Possibly EVER?!

    ...B) Do you understand that when you expel, you have zero control of the amount that comes out and that means if you are somewhere you might flood and leak that you can't just 'slow or stop it' so you don't leak?

    ...C) Incons have had to make ajustments in their lives that makes it much more difficult and almost daily planning from going anywhere to even visiting anyone. There's not the "choice" anymore to say "Ok, I'll just be 'normal' while doing this or that - are you truely prepared?

    ...D) It's very hard for those who visit your home or are around you including family to not find out eventually. Is there anyone you can't avoid or not have over anymore or family that you have a problem finding out accidently?

    ...E) Have you thought how you will handle certain embarassments like, "Going to a friends house who has nice furniter like tan suede chairs and couch - and bringing in a dining room chair for you to sit on in front of everyone because you leaked on his chair before?" Or, walking thru a public place with an obvious wet patch around your waist, legs or streak down your leg. If you want to be an AB so badly you want to pee like one, can you mentally handle that kind of embarassment?

    3) If you do become incon, do you understand that later on you may "grow out of it" or meet someone who you really like that would have a hard time accepting you wear diapers?
    ...A) I have read/seen in sooo many places where people are looking for a relationship with someone who can accept just being around it. Do you already have someone who is accepting? What are the odds you will really find someone if you haven't by now that will accept your having to wear diapers.
    ...B) I won't even go into then being "willing to change them"

    I can understand an AB who isn't incon wanting the experience to enhance their feeling like a baby, but when playtime is over - being incontinent isn't. Is the reality separated from the fantasy when you're asking to become incon?

    4) Bedwetting: You should LOVE doing laundry, making the bed and have several changes of sheets. You should also be able to sleep good on a plastic sheet that makes noise with every single movement. Answer questions if someone visits and sits on your bed why it has plastic under the fited sheet - not to mention if they see the stains too! If you don't have plastic, then you should be able to buy a new mattress now and then because no matter how much fabreeze or baking soda or whatever you use will not fully cover up the smell if the mattress gets soaked. And, it will always release odor in the air. You might get used to it and not notice but other people will. Waking up in a cold puddle is fun if you are 'playing' now an then but it gets old... and tireing when you do it regularly. The 'tireing' gets to be annoying on days your in a hurry too. Are you ready to have this problem when you are sleeping with a rare potential mate who may not mind "playing" with you as an AB but doesn't want your pee soaking them as they sleep? Diapers tend to leak at night from various places depending on the persons body build. It don't matter where you leak from tho because the wet is gunna still be there. Is this something you think you can live with as well? Constantly?

    For anyone asking if wearing a diaper alone will make you incon, the best you can hope for is a very weak bladder that will make you feel the need to expel just before doing so, much like urge incontinence. But, I can pretty well tell you that any attempt to 'control the flow' still subconsciously reinforces that your body "HAS" control so your 'incon' status will not likely change at all no matter how long you wear. The mind is very powerful and unless you fully train your mind to allow yourself to 'fully release' without holding, clenching, fear of leaking or any control at all then it's seriously doutful that you will ever have a bladder that weak to make you really incon.

    I would really like to hear some answers to these and not just fantasy answers but honest ones since, well... you 'honestly' want to live this way. It's a fact, not a choice anymore after all once you are.
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    Your preaching to Adisc... where most of the community is pretty rational on most issues.

    I don't think i ever posted "I wish I was IC" here on adisc, though I said it at one point I also said AB's who are IC are lucky, but also not on here. I think that was in a AOL chatroom. That said, a lot of the members here at least the ones who been here for more then 6 months and post semi-regularly wouldn't want to be IC.

    All of that said I somehow really hate this type of discussion about people wanting to be IC then another person explaining why it would suck. I assume it's because I see this damn issue everywhere. (Note: you still pissed at least one person off, but for a silly reason. :P)

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    Very interesting text. Note that you have explained this many times and is really tired of all those who want to become incontinent in order to become more AB. I agree with you in what you say and you have formulated your text very well. Very interesting reading, I must say.

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    Well you make allot of great points, An allot have been made on this site. now I'm not trying to bash you or put down your effort. I don't believe that ADISC has to many of these threads. Maybe I'm wrong, But I know when these threads show up. Many of the same points are made.

    An I agree with every thing you say, But at the end of the day. "MOST" people just to say it, just to say it. Its like getting a lottery ticket, People will always talk about what there going to buy when they get there Millions of dollars.

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    Honestly, on any AB/DL forum other than ADISC, this would be a very useful, necessary post. Luckily, I think we get as many topics like this as we do from newbie-ish posters inquiring about how to make themselves incontinent (and in such threads, everyone jumps all over the OP with similar logic to what you have presented here). We occasionally get threads from people who are incontinent, and we got a thread about a month ago from someone who went 24/7 for a year and wrote reasonably detailed report: There's also a wiki topic on the issue (Why would I want incontinence? - ADISC Answers Wiki) which gives 10+ different reasons against.

    Without offense to the OP, I take issue with the fact that this reads like it's written from the assumption that there is a significant population on ADISC actively considering becoming incontinent. I will grant that there's 2:1 guest to member population reading this forum and it's hard to speak for those guests, but I feel that ADISC is the one AB/DL forum where people are overwhelmingly reasonable. As such, the tone is really out of place.
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    Hi NFF, well I can understand what you, Seige, Az and Fire are all saying and I know there are about as many posts as anyone could wanna find on why not to whenever someone says they want to. I know there are much fewer people on here than most anywhere else that brings this up but staying pretty much in the 'incon' part of the forum alone and still seeing it said in there is why I made it. But a little different this time was my hope:

    Since there are posts (esp in the incon forum) that keep coming up talking about that stuff I read back thru as much as I could find on here and the replies from others are more individual posts about one part of what they are saying. There are as usual tons of great points made but I was thinking it may just seem like "throwing words" to the orig poster. So I wanted to make something a little different than just a single reply to a single topic. and i wanted to make it more a questionare and kinda like a challenge to see if it would make people think more about their answers. Also if in the future someone else came up with that kind of Q again I could point them here if it made a good enough overall post that would have the affect I was thinking it might. A different approach...

    In a way I can understand their desire because besides being an AB i am also incon. So, when i am really playing i don't get any of the frustration in that short time it takes a lot of the 'grrrr, ah crap!' out of it. In that way I can understand why people would want to be. **temporarily** but the ones who post silly things like 'drill a hole in my head', "if i wear diapers will i be"... etc just scrapes at me like a chalkboard. The posts still come up in the incon section. Orig I posted this there but moved it here on suggestion.
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    Hmmmm I'm really trying to find out what made it seem........

    maybe it was just bad timing, I know there a good bit of drama in the air today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Your preaching to Adisc... where most of the community is pretty rational on most issues.
    He's not "preaching to ADISC". He's merely stating his own experiences with incontinence and asks around who'd want to go through the same stuff. Yeah, the notion is clear: "Don't desire incontinence - it's no fun!", but first of all, that's perfectly in line with forum rules and common sense, and second, those people who want to become incontinent probably haven't talked to any real IC people and wouldn't know what it's really like.

    Maybe people who are even thinking about what it's like to be incontinent should use this thread to ask questions, and those who really are incontinent can answer.


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    Just to balance things, I'm one of those people who has no desire to be incontinent. However, because of my AB tendancies and experience with wearing nappies, I do not particularly fear becoming incontinent, should that ever happen naturally (e.g. child bearing, old age etc, medical issues).

    Most people who want to become incontinent probably are really 'only' desiring a justification for their habits. They feel uncomfortable about their desires, perhaps on a psychological level, where they haven't resolved their desires with their conscience, or perhaps on a more practical level, whereby they'd like to be able to freely buy and use nappies with no awkward questions leading them to try to explain why they use nappies despite not needing them. Incontinence might actually solve some of these things, moving them from secretive usage to having some acceptance, which is why there is an attraction to it. But obviously incontinence creates a whole wealth of different issues that people might fail to consider.

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    There's another thread on a very similar topic that was posted only a couple of days ago which offers some good insight:

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