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Thread: Can someone help me out?

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    Default Can someone help me out?

    Just curious if anyone knows of any cloth diapers that they sell in store (for babies obviously) that would fit me (30-31 in waste, still can squeez into most size 6's). If anyone knows please let me know. Never tried cloth but want to give it a shot. Also if anyone has tips for what they do to wash them with they live with their parents..

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    Not 100% on getting, seems like they'd be scarce what with disposables and all.

    For washing- Start doing your own laundry (or continue) at least two weeks before you buy a cloth diaper. By the time you actually have the thing(s), your parents will just think it's routine.

    For stains, a little white vinegar never hurt anything.

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    I only know of the gerber cloth diapers in stores...i have no idea if they can find them in walmart.
    If they don't fit you can always use them as stuffers.

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    Buying a cloth diaper in stores is unlikely, one in your size if even more so. You'd have better luck ordering one when you get the chance.

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    I lived this way for years. I think you would have to go to a baby store to find cloth diapers. There are two types, the flat cloth diapers and the pre-fold. What I did was to buy both. I used the pre-fold as soakers, and put them in the center of the flat diaper. Then I was able to diaper pin the flat diaper on, with the pre-fold inside. I could fit into toddler size Gerber plastic pants, but I haven't seen them on store shelves for several years.

    As for washing, you would have to get to the washing machine while the parents were out. They say Tide is the best detergent to use. Don't use softeners or any additives. Use less detergent than recommended. Then put in the dryer.

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    Thanks guys. Where do you guys order from? I've seen some cute "pocket diapers". I've always been a disposable person but lately have wanted to try out some cloth ones but don't know a ton about them. I was also thinking about contacting some of the ones I see that custom make them and see if they'd make one my size. Say I'm a bedwetter or something. Not much in to lying about it but not sure they'd like some DL using them as a supplier :P

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    You might be able to squeeze in to the largest cloth baby diapers but they might be very uncomfy and you would not have enough room for many stuffers to make them worth while.

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    Yes, if you're going to order on line, get adult size cloth diapers. I have a waist, 30/32 and can fit either a small adult diaper or a medium. Most of my diapers are small. I like to wet them, so I get gauze night weight. Your choices will be day weight which will have fewer layers, night weight which will have more, flannel, birdseye and gauze. The gauze holds more than the birdseye.

    You can order them from Amazon, the American Diaper Company, Angel Fluff and many more. I think there are linking sites in the links part of adisc. You will also want to order plastic pants as well. There are all kinds of those. Good luck.

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