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Thread: Hi! It's a Newbie Named Moose!

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    Default Hi! It's a Newbie Named Moose!

    For starters, I love music. I've been playing guitar since I was 11 (now I'm 44). I play keyboards too. But I can't sing - I can't carry a tune with a handle on it. I have a recording setup in my's a pritty big room. I've got two synthesizers and seven guitars. And I've got some killier recording gear. By the way, can one of the moderators tell me if I can upload some of my original music to this site? That would be cool! I like other stuff too like reading, movies, food, friends and spirituality. I am an ordained minister. I was confirmed last november in my chosen spiritual college so you might say spirituality is my specialty. And it begs the question: what brings an ordained minister to this site? I used to think of ministers as men in black robes who were perfect in every way; they couldn't possibly have sexual issues or desires that were outside of the purity of Adam and Eve.


    Long story short, I have struggled with AB/DL thinking and behavior all my life and it's OK. God condemns me not.

    I found this site by googling "infantilism" several years ago, during a very dark time of my life. I joined ADISC and I was a member for a short time until my life fell apart. These days things are much better. I have a strong support network, and I get the medical care I need. I'm trying to lose a little weight - but who isn't these days?

    Well that's a short intro and I'm a little tired. I might hang out a while or I might lie down. Thanks Bye!

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    Well, welcome to ADISC. Music is great and relaxing.

    Yes, you can, you can attach it to your posts.

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    Welcome Moose. I'm a minister of music for a Methodist church. Like you, I struggled with the guilt for a long time. ADISC has helped me a lot with that.

    I'm a graduate of Westminster Choir College, with a degree in organ performance. I have my own recording studio, keyboards, etc. I played in a rock band for 15 years, and have recently retired from that as I work two other jobs.

    I hope you enjoy the site, and I hope your other issues are at peace. Believe me, I've been there.

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    Hi Moose,
    Wow! An ordained minister. I think that might be a first, which makes you unique - I like that. It sounds like you have a VERY interesting spiritual story. Whenever you are ready to talk about it, I would like to hear some of it. By the way (and this may sound judgmental, but I don't mean it that way) do you see your interest in diapers as a spiritual "imperfection"? Just curious.


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    Greetings and welcome,

    which are your most favorites musical groups ?

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    Thumbs down Thank You for your Kindness

    CrazySmoker...(I smoke Winstons) I like all kinds of bands from Metallica to Yes to Dream Theater. I like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Led Zeppelin, OSI, Yngwie Malmstien, etc, etc. I like Rock music mainly, but I also Like quality classical music and some exotic music (eastern music). I also like some novelty stuff like Wierd Al Yankovic. Man, I love music! But I don't usually listen to pop or country western. I don't care for them. But thats no judgment against them. It's just my opinion.

    MyWorld08 asked me if I think my desire to wear diapers is a spiritual imperfection. My answer is that I used to think so, but not anymore. The question is whether I let myself be ruled by my desire for physical pleasure or not. But even in this there is no condemnation - only the suffering I incur upon myself...believe me - I know. But what the Father creates must be perfect because He is perfect. All my problems, as I percieve them cannot intrude on His perfection, and my desires cannot shake Him. He know His children. Imperfection was my errant judgment - and who gave me the right. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has hangups - don't be fooled by what the magazine people portray; if you visited them, you would see their lives are disturbed.

    I no longer judge myself guilty of sin because I have a desire to wear diapers or be diapered because that judgment is arrogant, and that arrogance is a tragic mistake. It blocked me from opening up to others who could help me with this difficulty. Now, with discretion, I speak with therapists about my infantilism. And by doing so, and by being totally honest, I can abstain from harmful behavior, so I don't have to suffer.

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    I smoke camel - your art of roll or gailouses -industrial cigarets made in france. And sometimes mary-jane. About pink floyd - one of the best group which I heard anyway

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