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Thread: Does this wear off?

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    Question Does this wear off?

    Ima TB and all, but everytime I'm with my girl I never feel the urge to wear a diaper or anything. I think the most was when I was thinking to myself, when she went to cook, was "what if she wore one with me?" but other than that...nada. Does this fetish wear off?

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    I think a fetish is like a fear, it's rooted into our psyche for a reason. It seems to me that you don't feel the need to be a "baby" when your girlfriend is around and that maybe it's not as much of a need for you as it is for some others.

    I don't know if it ever really wears off as such. Not from the majority of posters who still have a hard time telling their married partners about their diapers.

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    It doesn't wear off as such, you get the urges periodically i.e. you don't feel the urge constantly but eventually (whether it is days, weeks or even years) you will get the urge to wear. It may just be that you don't feel the need to wear around your girlfriend as you are thinking about her and not about diapers. All your sexual thoughts are focussed on her and as a result you don't feel like you want to wear.

    It is very difficult, if not impossible, to overcome a fetish as they are wired into your thought processes but that doesn't mean you will always feel the urge to participate.

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    Fetish= sexual attraction.

    So no It's just like being gay.

    You do not choose to be aroused by guys.

    It's the same for a fetish.

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    For the vast majority, this does not wear off. When I was young and living with mom and dad I often wondered if it would wear off. I had this image of myself at 30 sneaking around to wear a diaper and I didn't like the idea. What was awkwardly 'fun' for a pre-teen/teen seemed kinda pathetic for an adult. I couldn't imagine that it wouldn't wear off. I figured it would pass just like lotsa things that teens do that adults dont. Now I'm grown up with a family and the urge to wear persists.

    I can tell you the the only time the urge to wear diapers seems to go away is when I'm with my wife. It seems that the gratification I get from her removes my desire to be diapered. Lotsa DLs report that their urge to be diapered disappears after having an orgasm. This seems to be true, but the urge soon returns.

    My advice? Embrace this part of yourself; its not likely to go away. Find a partner who doesn't mind, or who likes this part of you too. Love conquers all. Practice discretion and understand that not everyone feels as you do about diapers. Keep things in perspective and you can enjoy this part of yourself while leading an wonderful life (I'm living proof!).

    Best of luck!!!!

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    Thank you puffybottom. an my girlfriend loves me alot and knows about it. She told me she only cares if I don't accept it, and that she would love me diapered or not. Man. . . I'm lucky to have her.

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    i met a girl that i would never know to be a dl, until i brought it up. at any rate, she said that the feelings went away when she was 14, after she started having sex (yes, she is a whore, and she likes to be called that). that isnt always the case though because i know a whole bunch of people who are still into it.

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    damn, lucky dude. I found my urges subsided when i was with a gf/bf. But sounds liek u have the best situation actually

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    Sample size of one (me): No, you're stuck with it, although the intensity of desire comes and goes over the years.

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