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Thread: Worst moment involving a diaper.

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    Default Worst moment involving a diaper.

    What has been the worst/ most embarassing/ most awkard moment you ever had with a diaper?

    Mine was once, after messing in a diaper, I left it in my closet. I just forgot I had it there. Since I suffer from allergys, and usually have my nose clogged up, I couldn't smell it.
    So, after a week, my cousins came for a visit. They directly went into my room. Upon entering, the aroma hit them.
    "Dude, what's up with that smell?" I was so ashamed, and as a quick response, I said they were "bathroom repairs".
    After that, I'm more careful about hiding/ disposing.

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    I'm experiencing mine right now. I'm using the site's makeshift but I had to use several bags so I'm sweaty in a wet clammy ball of paper towels lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geostigma123 View Post
    I'm experiencing mine right now. I'm using the site's makeshift but I had to use several bags so I'm sweaty in a wet clammy ball of paper towels lol
    Sorry but I have to lol at you

    Anyways I was playing some xbox, when my mom came in the room to show me some pics she had. I dont think she noticed I was in a diaper, even thought I know I really smelled like baby powder.

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    I think mine was when i trying to make a cloth one out of a sheet and my grandma walked it. I was soo scared but she laughed at me and i said i was playing (i was 12 or 10) and i wanted to fold it back up so she folded it and put it away! PHEW!!!

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    I have to say, mine was when I had wet an messed for a dare a my cousins, and I had sat on his bed and it leaked. lol. he was like "DOG ITS OVER! TAKE IT OFF" he was laughing after, but still.

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    Mine would probably be when I messed once, and went upstairs to change. To my horror my sister was in our bedroom (we shared one until a few months ago) and refused to leave. I had to stealth ninja change in the bathroom two floors down, wrap it, and dispose of it without getting caught. Sooooo lucky.

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    Mine was after having fun in a makeshift diaper, i went to flush all the paper towels away, but it clogged the toilet and water ALMOST went everywhere.

    i had to get a big plastic bag and use it as a glove to unclog the toilet, almost breaking my wrist :l

    Yeah That Wasn't fun at all :l

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    My first really bad experience wearing a diaper happened during a family vacation when I was a kid. As I have shared often, our family is diaper-friendly. Granny, Mom and all the daughters started out with tiny over-active bladders which progressed to full urinary incontinence. On trips Mom lovingly asked us girls to wear diapers.

    I took pride in seldom needing to wet my diaper in the car, but if I could not hold it in until the next scheduled stop, I never felt embarrassed to wet. Thar was the purpose of the diaper. Sometimes at a rest stop Mom and all my sister would have soaked diapers.

    On my first worst day I started out feeling fine. We had breakfast in the motel coffee shop really early, so each of us could use the toilet to poop before Mom diapered us. Nothing unusual about that. My diaper was dry when we stopped for lunch, so I asked Mom to remove it. I then used the toilet to both pee and poop. During lunch I wore ordinary cotton panties. I peed on the toilet after lunch before Mom diapered me for the afternoon driving. About an hour later, I knew I could not hold back some wetting. Daddy had just said it would be 40 minutes until the rest stop.

    As I was finishing wetting, without warning I seriously pooped my diaper. I had not done that since my memory began. Nobody directly said anything in the car, they just cracked all the windows. As we continued driving those windows got lower and lower. Maybe I was smelling my mess the most.

    That was the worst and longest 40 minutes of my life to that point. Since Missy was still not toilet trained, I must have been 7 during that trip. Riding with a messy bottom was horrible. Probably this is why I do everything possible to avoid messing my diaper when I am away from home.

    At the rest stop Mom cleaned me up and pinned me into a fresh diaper without any reproach or teasing. My older sister had already given me hugs and patted my hand.

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    Like I wasn't actually in a diaper when it happened, but I think I said before I used to wet my bed a lot till I was like 9 . And my mom made me wear diapers and pants at night and have a plastic sheet on my bed for it untill I stopped. So 1 day when I was like 7 1/2 my moms sister and my cousins came over and my oldest cousin Davey and me were up in my room and were playing and he decided to sit down on my bed and you cud easily hear the crackeling sound from my plastic sheets. I got embarrased from it and he gets this wierd look on his face and I think he knew right away what was going on with me because I found out later his younger bro Billy was also a bedwetter and my aunt made him have plastic sheets on his bed too. IDK if Billy ever had to wear night diapers because of it. And IDK if Davey ever blabbed it to anyone else. I hope not. His sister is a complete jerk. She wud have JUST LOVED to find out something like that about me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snaps View Post
    i had to get a big plastic bag and use it as a glove to unclog the toilet, almost breaking my wrist :l
    For future reference, that's a stupid way to unclog a toilet

    If you're lacking gear, you get a tshirt that you don't want any more and a strong stick of any kind. Wrap the tshirt around the end of the stick, position over the hole in the toilet and use like a plunger.

    As for me? I'm not sure I've ever had a big issue with diapers

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