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Thread: Guide: Wearing In Public

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    Default Guide: Wearing In Public

    This is a short little guide I wrote on how to wear your diapers and hide them good enough to wear around other people without them knowing.

    So, you have your diapers on and taped nice and neat. Great. Now, what's next? Well, the best thing to have on above your diaper is a pair of tight-fitted briefs or boxer-briefs. This keeps the crinkle of your plastic-backed diapers low enough so that others won't notice, but you will, so to speak ;-). And, if you have multiple pairs available, it won't hurt to wear more than one pair. It can only help by hiding your diaper more.

    Next thing, is that Sweatpants > Jeans and shorts. Especially during Winter seasons, where you can wear multiple pairs of sweatpants over your diaper and undergarments for added security.

    Now, with all these layers of clothes, you can wear your diaper without having to worry about crinkle. But an added bonus is that most people won't even see a bulge, considering with all the layers it doesn't exist because of all the layers of clothing.

    Sometimes, your pants can slip down a little bit, especially when walking. Which, may or may not reveal your diaper. How to make sure this doesn't happen, you ask? Wear a long shirt. Sports fans, a jersey will work perfectly. With your long shirt, you could even hang your pants a few millimeters from the top of your waist, revealing your diaper a little bit just for your own pleasure, reminding yourself of what your wearing. Keep in mind that your shirt is fabric, though, and that any whiff of wind can lift up your shirt.

    Some people think that using your diaper out in the public might be dangerous considering that walking/moving can loosen the fit of your diaper. But, with the added protection of underwear(s) and sweatpants, your snug fit should stay snug enough to hold a wetting or two.

    Messing in public, I would never recommend. Even with any odds, no matter how low, it is not worth trying. With the worst case scenario with wetting, and it leaks, you can just say "I've had an accident" and run to the nearest bathroom to change, and if you're lucky you can blame it on exercising too much or laughing too much... If you're REALLY lucky. But if you were to mess yourself, you can pretty much guarantee on getting found out/caught.

    so... if anyone has any tips to add, please do!

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    I can add something,wear an undershirt, when you pull up you pants it will cling better to an undershirt than it will to just the plastic on a diaper. and if your pants slide down a little all you see is the undershirt.

    I use thermal shirts because they are a little longer and stay in your pants better.

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    Wear a belt if you are going to wear jeans, and a hoodie is also good for a long thing of clothing to cover...Also remember that people aren't out on the lookout for diapers...Unless they are a *B/DL too maybe n__n

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    That should help.

    Also, if you want to take extra precautions, you could take a few pieces of tape and tape the top of the diaper to the inside of your underwear, just below the top of the waistband. This will prevent the diaper from riding up and sticking out of the top of your pants.

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    My recommendation, is that, you wear normal pants, with underwear over you diapers, you probably will never get caught.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Alex View Post
    My recommendation, is that, you wear normal pants, with underwear over you diapers, you probably will never get caught.
    This is the number one irony of wearing in public. You wear a thin diaper so that people won't notice, and then you make it thicker by putting boxers over it to reduce the noise. It's like a lawnmower cleaning your lawn, but polluting the atmosphere...You fix one thing but it destroys the other....

    Just wear a diaper, without boxers or breifs, you don't need them....They DON'T reduce noise, all they do is add to the bulk.

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    Well boxers/briefs are so thin that they hardly add to the bulge...And they do reduce the noise

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    but they still add to the bulge, even if only hardly...but jeans and a plastic diaper are just as noisy as jeans with boxers and a diaper....

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    You are about the only one to notice the noise, no one is listening to you walk, I wear all the time and no one ever notices, and I use 2 stuffers and it is noticable, if you look, but no one ever looks.

    The only ones who look are us, we are looking for the diaper bulge, but we rarely say anything if we notice it on someone else.

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    Thats my point, not anyone will notice, unless your parents have found out and scope for it and ask you if you are and such.

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