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Thread: Any anatomy students out there?

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    Default Any anatomy students out there?

    Just wondering if any one on here is in an anatomy and physio class or has been. Im stuck in a bit of a rut as far as skeletal anatomy goes and was wondering if anyone might know any sites that have a good interactive thing i can use to study it. Not having much luck looking myself. My book did come with its own online thing but to be honest its skeletal review bites.

    Any help would be amazing!

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    I have a copy of Gray's Anatomy... that's about it. Bones bore me too >_>

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    Get Body Smart

    Free website that has diagrams that can help you with bone studying. Hope that helps!

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    I'm currently in a high school physiology class, not sure if that's what you're looking for. I know skeletal anatomy pretty good if you want to send me a pm about it.

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    I'm currently taking human physiology. I'd be doing better in it if I'd been wiser about the number of hours I took this semester.

    However, I can't really help you much with anatomy.

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    I have a couple Anatomy & Physiology classes (nursing) but I don't know of any sites aside from the ones provided by my educational institution, which I cannot share.

    Textbooks work wonders, have you flipped through yours?

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    Yes, indeed i have. For me though I seem to pick stuff up better if i can interact with it. My text book web site is ok but its really not that thorough. Any more open lab is my best friend. Your in nursing Starshine? That's what i'll be starting this summer. I'm dreading clinicals in the fall, I'll be in a nursing home and then a long-term unit in the local hospital.
    Best of luck with your program! Are you going to get into a sub specialty later on? I would really like to be an adolescent mental health RN.

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    I've read several anatomy books and Netter's images, and considering your problem you should just refer to Netter's anatomy compendium.

    Also, bones are pretty easy though, except the ones from the head where you should go to a bone museum to see it or find a 3D rendering on the internet.

    Anyway, if you need a really good anatomy book you should try getting (there's also internet copies, but I can't provide you with these :P) Prometheus' Anatomy (The three-tome version, since the one-tome version is not as complete). My university used Grays Anatomy, but it's incomplete and poorly written so I had to go about investigating about books, which led me to Prometheus' (Lockhart's is the best one, but it's not clinical and the author's style of writing could confuse you). Plus, the third tome of Prometheus' Antomy also has some neuroanatomy in it, really interesting and cool

    PS: You can get any medical book online as long as you're good at searching but remember that you should always buy the real one to help the author(s)

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