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Thread: I am ruddy well bored.

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    Default I am ruddy well bored.

    How do I stop myself from procrastinating more?? I'm supposed to be going through everything I own and packing for my move across the country in oh, i don't know, a week (but I have to be done by Thursday ). Every 15 minutes I get bored and something distracts me. In this case, it's ADISC.

    I just can't stand doing this, it's so fxcken boring I want to kill myself. I would just throw everything out but I think I would regret it...

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    Try listening to some music while you work it might take your mind off of your work. Also try packing for 30 minutes then take a 10 minute break do something fun then go back to packing. It will make packing up seem less like one long boring chore.

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    Annie, how are you moving ? I mean, are you loading up a truck and moving all of your stuff by yourself, or are you using a moving company ? If you are using a moving company, there should not be an issue about the quantity of things you need to have moved. If you are moving the things yourself, and the amount of stuff that you can take with you is limited and you are having to sort out what goes and what stays ( stays = what you must get rid of ), my advise will not help. If, however, you are taking all of your stuff with you, just box it up as quickly and easily as is possible. Wrap breakable items in towels or clothing that you are taking with you, instead of bubble-wrap or newspaper, that saves some time. Just get the stuff boxed up, don't worry about sorting and packaging things by category, like packing all of the bedroom stuff together, the kitchen stuff by itself, etc. You will have plenty of time to sort things out once you are moved into your new place. Right now, all that matters is getting things into boxes so they can be moved. I know how you feel, moving preparations always suck, but stick with it and you will eventually be done with the first part of your moving adventure.

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    reward system is good for me when i cant stay focused. If i need to do something like move then i set a goal like say all of clothes or toys or whatever. After i finished i would give my self a treat. Then set another goal.

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    I can ban you from ADISC for that week

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    I can ban you from ADISC for that week
    no no no no! *freaks out* my blogs would go into overload!!

    fifigal, I am moving in a pretty unconventional way. I have to get everything I own to fit into 2 suitcases. :| Yeah... my mom said I could leave some of my childhood treasures behind if I want. I may just do that. But I just never really realized how much.. STUFF I have until now. Ew.

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    LOL i like peachy's suggestion :P J/k But hey hun try this, if you just look at everything and point out what is trash and whats not then quickly throw away the trash then then site of everything else is not at aweing. Then take a break for 30 mins after throwing every thing away and then just move everything into a big, medium, small piles and then pack from there! As well pick up the stuff that you really need and leave the stuff that you can come back for or see later on. Thats the easiest thing!

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    Only two suitcases ? That does not leave much room for even the necessities, let alone any of the silly, relatively useless, but still important items ( like childhood 'treasures') we all seem to accumulate in our lives. It sounds like you are going to be starting your life all over again, from scratch. A bit scary, but exciting at the same time. It's good that your mother will store some of your stuff so that you can retrieve it latter. Good luck, and if you can, keep us updated on how things are going.

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    Yeah well fortunately a lot of the stuff I own is clothes, and even within that a lot of wintry kind of stuff like hoodies, long pants, etc. (gotta love Oregon) I doubt I will be needing nearly as much of that in Florida, if any at all, so now it's just down to choosing my favorites!

    I don't really have that many childhood treasures either, I guess. Maybe a small box full. I'm perfectly fine with letting that rest in my parents attic until I decide to do something with it, since that's where most of it's been for a long time anyways.

    I don't want to leave too much stuff behind because it will give my mother an excuse to hound on me. I'd rather just leave and start over new then to leave her with the responsibility of shipping something to me which will never happen and eventually just become something I feel really guilty about.

    God, packing is so boring.

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