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Thread: Bunk Beds for the Sims 2

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    Default Bunk Beds for the Sims 2

    I have the Sims 2 for Mac and I was wondering if there were any way to get bunk beds? Is there an expansion pack or something that has bunk beds?

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    If you have a sims 2 game, just go to If you search for Sims 2 pieces, I know for a fact they have a way to get bunk beds to work. Sadly, there are no expansion packs for bunk beds, not even in sims 3. :sigh:
    But the creative minds of the sims gamers created all sorts of wonderful things there. If you want to rock out your sims, definitely check out that site.

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    Thanks = ]

    Now I'm having trouble figuring out how to get them on the game...
    I read the instructions, but it doesn't say much about what to do for macs = /

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