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    Greetings all,

    I'm fairly new to the site and have been lurking around a bit, so I suppose it's about time I wrote an introduction. Basically I guess I would best be categorized as diaperfur or sometimes a kidfur, and I've always liked diapers as far back as I can remember. Still not sure completely why I'm so attracted to it but I chalk it up to being hardwired into me since I've always had a liking for padding.

    Hopefully I won't be too lazy/busy not to be able to post, but I'm sure I'll be reading through these forums quite a bit, so you may see me around.

    Well, I guess I'll leave it for that for now. Later guys and gals.


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    Hello ^_^ Welcome to ADISC, hope you enjoy you're time here, have you any hobbies/interest's?

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    Thanks! I'm already finding the things people are interested in here fascinating.
    As for my hobbies/interests, I think I have too many. I like motorcycle riding, computers, electronics, science, music, power tumbling, programming, oh and furry for sure. The list goes on otherwise.

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    Hiya Spots nice to meet you, hopefully you will have a good time on the forum and be able to post even if you have such a busy schedule.

    what is your fursona? judging by your name I would have instantly guessed a dalmation

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    Just put up my avatar, I'm actually a leopard, but I often get dalmatian as a guess to my species. And thank you, it's good to meet you too!

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    Ah leopard or cheetah would have been my next guess. Nice avatar as well I like it.

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