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Thread: Will these be okay?

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    Default Will these be okay?

    Heyyy everyone, I was thinking of getting the Depend Max Protection because I'm pretty sure they sell them in the Dollar General I live close to, but I was wondering if I could get some help? I've read the reviews, but they are very mixed and not at all detailed (going by Daily Diapers reviews) Are these good with leaks? And what size should I get if I have 33-34" waist? Sorry if this was ever asked or explained and thanks in advance ^^

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    Hey there, I never seen a Dollar General with the actual diapers but they do have the underwear. However walgreens is having a sale on their diapers a pack of 28 or 32 for $6.99...Medium should fit you...

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    Cool, thanks for the info^^ Now I gotta find a Walgreens in biking distance lol

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    lol I will. Might be stuck with Dollar General for a while. I just need to not use their generics (I've learned the VERY hard way)

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    I have had a reasonably good experience with Depends Fitted Maximum Protection. They are not good for heavy usage but they are white with a plastic shell and they have tapes rather than being pulled on like underwear. They are also pretty easy to find and not very expensive. They're not very popular in the ABDL community and I certainly wouldn't want them to be the only diaper available but I think they're decent for what they are intended for. With your waist measurements, you'd likely wear the S/M size (19"-34"). You can get facts from anyone but diaper preferences are pretty personal, so you really won't know until you try them.

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    Thanks a ton for that, Trevor ^^ Now I can finally know what to look out for (I read somewhere that the sizing charts are off lol)

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    I'd recommend the Small or Medium sizes, also. I have almost the same waist size... I think.. That size should be good though.

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    I happen to like the Depends Fitted Max Protection. They are not very thick, but you can fix that with Depends Boost pads, or even doubling up on the Depends. If you double diaper, be sure to pierce the plastic on the first diaper so that fluid can leak out to the second. The plastic is crinkly, too. They are not as nice as some of the 'premium' diapers, but they satisfy the need when the urge arises to wear a diaper.

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