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    Hi everyone. As u kno I'm new here. I'm kinda not 100% with the way I am (TB/DL) yet but I'm hoping to fully accept myself. Ok, Ima nice dude, that plays football, fast runner and swimmer, and I'm really good with people. I like to help others with their feelings and such wen they're down and I'm really popular at my school. this is probably why I'm having a hard time coping with my fetish. I have a wonderful, loving, understanding girlfriend that I Love to no end and she knows about this and doesn't care as long as I'm happy with myself (SCORE!!! I LOVE HER!!!) Ima nice guy and I'm just a tad different. I'm just accepting my diapers. So everyone if you can, try to help me out. Last Knight: Squall.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Hope you enjoy your time here. What position in football do you play? Probably would have played if my interest in football didn't come too late in life.

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    Hey welcome
    Dont worry about being completely sure because as long as your nice people will accept you no matter what.
    Also i do run and swim but football i dont get at all
    i dont know too much about this stuff but if you have any questions ill try to help

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    Welcome to the Forums Squall!
    When I first joined I, like you, was not completely accepting of myself but over time and with the help of everyone here I slowly became to accept who I was. I hope the same happens for you.

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    Thanks guys, I play running back cuz i'm the smaller guy out there, but I'm quick as heck!

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