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Thread: Are Drynites smaller than Underjams?

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    Default Are Drynites smaller than Underjams?

    I can squeeze into Underjams, but I can't find anywhere that sells them now. They do the 8-15 Drynites at my local supermarket though. Are they bigger? Smaller? About the same size? Underjams are really stretchy, which is why I can get in them. Are Drynites stretchy at all?


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    As far as I remember, Drynites/Goodnites are bigger than Underjams. You can tell just by the weight range. Underjams is... 85, I think? And Goodnites are 125. They're kind of stretchy.

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    i have seen big boxes of underjams for cheap ! around here in bulk boxes
    the otherday , boxes of 40 xl for like 21 bucks at wallmart !

    they do tend to be abit on the smaller then goodnites last ived tried them

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    I tried under jams I thought they were horrible diapers, tried the sample but never bought any after that.

    I would rather good nights.

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    I prefer Goodnites/Drynites than Underjams because they are bigger than Underjams. I can fit into both of them, but I only fit into Underjams barely. I can say that Underjams do have more protection but I can say that Goodnites/Drynites are better because they just have more room and provide a better fit than Underjams.

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