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Thread: Help with Noise

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    Does anyone have a disposable diaper they would reccomend which is not "noisy" when wearing. I currently use Bambinos and love the way the fit, but noise is preventing from wearing when I want. I thought I saw cloth backed disposables at some point, but can not find.

    Alternatively, any suggestions on a good cloth diaper? I prefer disposable for ease as I do use them for intended purpose, but cloth might be an alternative. The big concern is with bulk. I have a "baby love" diaper from DPF when they existed that I love the soft birdseye. However, I have tried buying others so I can wear during the day, but find they are too thick. It is very hard to tell looking at some of the websites and I am concerned I would just be wasting money trying a bunch of different brands. I have also struggled with the pins opening which can be difficult to fix discreetly before getting poked!

    Would really appreciate any ideas!!

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    I'd suggest simply wearing normal underwear overtop them - But as far as the noise goes, highly unlikely aqyone will even notice...

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    No one will notice the sound of one single bambino. End of story.

    ...gosh, people play up the noise level so much...

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    I dislike the noise too. Maybe I'm paranoid but it seems so loud sometimes. I've not tried cloth nappies as an adult, so can only comment on disposables.

    Cloth-backed disposables are likely to be quieter, but some people dislike them because the plastic backing performs better at preventing leaks. Eulogy's suggestion is probably worth a go. I use plastic backed nappies, but wear underpants over the top which holds things more still and stops the russle effecticely.

    A nappy that is larger and bulkier will russle more too and be less discreet, so maybe make sure they aren't too loose, or if it's not defeating the purpose too much, try a slimmer, lesser absorbency disposable, so there is less bulk.

    Or use too sorts, for example, I have two sorts, a larger bulkier type for bedtime (Tender-Care brand) and a slimmer one for out and about (European Tena Super) which also seems much quieter.

    I'd imagine that cloth nappies would require plastic pants/wrap so might still russle.

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    My suggestion is this, if you are into the gothic style of clothing or just like baggy clothes, wear the Hott Topic Tripp brand style pants. End of story. Still I doubt people will hear it.

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    I do only wear on bambino, but my wife says she can hear it when I wear, even with jeans. She is concerned others will hear as well.

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    I never used Bambinos so I don't know how loud they really are but I think you'll be good if you wear underwear on top like Eulogy suggested. Plus, people in public aren't listening for diaper crinkles. You and you wife can hear the crinkling since you're both listening for it but it's unlikely anyone who doesn't know about you wearing a diaper is going to catch on.

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    bbwanab have you or your wife ever heard a crinkling sound coming from a total stranger passing by and come to the conclusion that the person is wearing a disposable diaper or nappy? I never have in all my life, but out in public I am not actively listening for that sound either. Remember that your wife is close by you and listening for the crinkling. The thing is that at home inside, I was very concerned how noisy a disposable can be, but outside the busier it is, the more people and activity there is, the more background noise there is, to camouflage any crinkling, compared to the quiet of home. Do not worry, if you have never heard anyone else in public crinkle, there little chance you will be heard, especially since the public is not aware that this sound in particular is one to be on alert for.

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    People do play up the noise too much, as stated above. I wear bambinos in pretty much any situation, and i've never even noticed the noise myself. Sometimes the odd crinkle happens, but its usually super quiet and i only notice cuz im the one in em. The only major problem i ever had with noise was one day when i had a tape let go and it made a really loud noise, luckily no one was around.
    A lot of it (with bambinos atleast) is how loose they are. if you don't tape them up properly and tight, yea, ur gonna get a LOT of extra crinkle going on. Just wear them right and it shouldn't be a problem X]

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    Noise over noise.

    It helps to carry loose pocket change in your pocket or even better is getting a belt clip for your keys to wear. No one will hear anything with that kind of distraction going on. It's what I do when I'm wearing in a place I know is gonna be a quiet atmosphere so I can assure you this remedy never fails.

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