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    Default Never buy Classy Comfort

    I tried buying a pack of eight Classy Comforts on Feb 1, 2010 just to see what they were like. I knew they were expensive, and figured it would be a one time thing. I had read on a number of different sites that the diapers run on the small side, so where I can comfortably wear a medium Molicare, I ordered large.

    A week after ordering, they arrived. That night, I tried one on for bed, and it barely fit! They had screwed up and sent me mediums! I called and e-mailed multiple times the next day, finally got a response and they asked me to send back the remaining seven diapers and they would send me the correct order.

    I sent the package back (with delivery confirmation so I could tell when it got there) and waited to see when I would get my correct order. On the first of March, I called to find out what was up, as the package I had shipped off on the 12th of Feb had been in their hands since the 18th.

    Apparently, on 3/1/10, the package 'just arrived' and I would have my replacement product shipped out the next day. A phone call on the third said that the package had shipped out on the day before. Then I received an e-mail stating the package had just shipped on March 8, 2010.

    I called and asked for the delivery confirmation number that they use. I asked them to e-mail it to me.I asked them to leave it on my voice mail. It never happened. Finally, it's now April and I've told them to just refund me my money, which they have agreed to do. I told them to do it through Paypal, I refuse to believe that "a check is in the mail" with these jerks.

    I've heard more than once now that the money has been sent. But guess what has not yet shown up in my Paypal account? Two and a half months later, and I'm still waiting with these idiots.

    They're consummate liars. Never, ever, do business with them. You'll just lose your money.

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    That's really disappointing. They looked so cool to me.
    Oh well, too expensive of a diaper to start buying anyway, I figure. :x

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    I finally got my $$ refunded this morning. I called and left a message, telling them I was tired of the lies and being jerked around. I had sent an e-mail bill to them through Paypal for this, and sent them a reminder. My message on the phone let them know that if they did not refund my money immediately I would begin contacting the authorities and the courts to take the legal steps necessary to have my funds returned to me.

    Funny, but it only took a matter of a couple of hours to get this taken care of this money is back in my account through Paypal (no way in hell I would do this through the mail) and I can consider this closed. Other than the fact that I will tell everyone I know to never buy anything from these thieves.

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    I believe it's just one guy at Classy Comfort and sometimes he gets overwhelmed. He did bring us the first AB-marketed diaper and paved the way for Bambino and ABU so we do owe him some gratitude. Sorry to hear his service wasn't good though.

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    I think those were ugly diapers I didn't even bother thinking about buying those, they were all the rage just a few years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dailydi View Post
    I believe it's just one guy at Classy Comfort and sometimes he gets overwhelmed. He did bring us the first AB-marketed diaper and paved the way for Bambino and ABU so we do owe him some gratitude. Sorry to hear his service wasn't good though.
    There are two there now according to the e-mails they have sent me. I would accept it if he gets overwhelmed if he would have been honest with me, but he was constantly, without fail, in every situation, a consummate liar.

    I was told my order was shipped on a given day via telephone, then they changed their story five days later via e-mail. I asked about compensation for the cost of shipping back the error order, I was first told that I was sent a $10 gift certificate in with one package, then another package would be sent with two packs of eight diapers to reflect the shipping cost, and finally I was told they would just return my money to me.

    Every time I requested the number to track the package, it was never given to me. The only time I was supposed to have been given the number, it was "left on my voice mail" with no message on my phone. Repeated requests to simply e-mail me the tracking number for the package were ignored. When I asked for my refund after waiting over two months for the correct item, I specified that it was to be through Paypal--I refused to believe any more stories about items being in the mail.

    When I called about getting the money transferred to me, I was first told it would be transferred first thing Tuesday morning. I called Tuesday evening, and was told it had been transferred at 11 a.m. that day. That was an absolute lie. Paypal does not take several days to go through. This is not about being overwhelmed, this is someone who just outright lies through their teeth.

    This is why I started being threatening this morning when I made my phone call. Everything this guy had done was to get me away from my money for as long as possible, I refused to be a party to it any more. Again, if he was overwhelmed with what he was doing, just say so, be honest, I can accept that, I am human and accept that we are not perfect.

    I will not accept being constantly lied to.

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    I am sorry to say that you were not the first person to have a problem with Chris @ classycomfort

    here is my story with classycomfort and Chris ( the owner ) From 2008

    I don't know about others, but I have been having problems with

    I have been trying to get a replacement for some bad diapers that I ordered from them.I have been trying to resolve this problem since July 23, 2008.
    The owner finally on August 18 2008 Chris told me in a voice mail that he received the bad diapers, only after I had called him and left a voice mail asking if they had received the bad ones that I had to mail them , so after some time I called him again because I had not heard from him. I asked him where they where and he said that they were delivered already so I asked him to e-mail me the delivery confirmation on Sept 19.

    As of Oct 6, 2008 I have not received the package nor have I received the delivery confirmation number
    I have left many voice mails and have sent him E-mails asking for the confirmation number

    So as a last chance I call him Oct 6 2008 at about 5:30PM and left a voice message asking him to call me but he did not so about 7:20 the same night I blocked my caller id and called him and Chris answered and told me they (he) resent my package and asked me to call him back in about a hour.called him back at 8:40 and he said that he sent the package out yesterday ya right ( Sunday?) then he said Saturday, anyway we will see at the end of the week.

    Well Monday Oct. 13, 2008 has come and gone and still no package nor any follow up calls from owner. I have sent him one final E-mail telling him that if I do not receive a delivery confirmation number by Oct. 15, 2008 that I would post this message and did not receive it nor have I received any package from him.

    At this time I am writing off the losses of the bad diapers and even the free samples I sent him of a another brand of diaper that he had not tried

    Please keep in mind that I have been doing business with the owner since April of 2006 and his shipping at times was slow ( about a week) but never like this.

    In a case of diapers there was 11 bad ones out of 48 that equals 23% of the diapers being bad.I realize that we are talking about a small amount (only about $22.00) but there is a principal of the matter.

    I hate seeing a good business go bad. But at the same time I hate being lied to and taken advantage of.


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