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Thread: What the heck happened to Bambinos?

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    Default What the heck happened to Bambinos?

    I just got my latest shipment of Bambinos, and I am totally unhappy. They completely changed the plastic on them. It feels thin and flimsy and rubbery now, and doesn't crinkle at all, like "discreet" diapers. The only part that crinkles is the tape panel.

    It no longer feels like a premium diaper, just something I can buy down at the local drug store.

    Anyone else notice this?

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    Yup. I noticed this as well, got a new case about a week ago. Though one difference is that I actually like the changes they made. I like the way the plastic feels, I actually think it's a bit thicker, a little more stretchier, and yeah, more rubbery. Another thing I noticed is that the padding seems like it gets poofier as you wear it more. Anyways, I am favorably impressed with the changes they made.

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    It doesn't crinkle!

    And it really doesn't feel thicker, especially on the sides. It feels a bit like a trash bag.

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    Why do all the All the good companies gotta change from something good to something horrible? :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by RalieghFhang View Post
    Why do all the All the good companies gotta change from something good to something horrible? :/
    I'm definitely letting them know how disappointed I am with it. They have a contact form on their website.

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    Alas, another diaper falls into the black hole of mediocrity. I haven't witnessed the changes myself, but I'm sure like many other companies, they found something cheaper to use, so they can make more profit, and make a worse quality diaper. What else is new :/ it's all about the Benjamins baby.

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    I like quite diapers.

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    I'll stick with my abena's thanks Even since they've changed the design a bit, which I don't really care for, they don't leak, and oddly, the tapes have gotten better which was always my complaint.

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    I've only tried them a handful of times, but they seemed quite noisy to me, and the plastic was my favorite part, actually. I kind of want to try abenas, though, but I like when the diapers swell, something I don't think abenas do. Or... do they?

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