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    Default UK leader debate

    I am watching the leadership debate at the moment.
    It is a crap as in the interest of fairness they cant have a big rabble. I was expecting it to be a bit more of an argument like question time than this. hmmm.

    Is this turning anyone else off UK politics?

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    They've left the damned thing so late that almost everyone has already decided who they're going to vote for. Makes the whole thing a bit pointless, if you ask me.

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    It was so boring and they where all being nice to each other.. About 30 minuets in i could no longer take it and had to switch over to BBC one for i have got news for you.

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    I thought it got much more substantive and interesting when they actually started discussing economic policy. The manifest differences in their policies were much clearer. I loved Clegg's burn on recalling MPs.

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    Really enjoyed this 1st debate & thought Cameron did a fantastic job at showing the public he is the man to become PM and take the country forward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyAlex86 View Post
    thought Cameron did a fantastic job at showing the public he is the man to become PM and take the country forward.
    Really? Because the polls say that Cameron was either the worst in the debates or, at best, far behind Clegg. Nick Clegg came out universally on top.

    Edit: The only poll that doesn't put Cameron in at least a distant second is the one that Sky News made up when the real data didn't fit the result that they wanted.

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    Moment of the night was a blink and you miss it one - Cameron mentioning the possible threat of China when talking about the nuclear deterrent. China? Really? Worryingly mad way to talk about a fellow permanent member of the Security Council and a statement that belies a total disconnection from reality and really poor grasp of world affairs.

    Anyhoo, It may be because I'm just a massive political geek but I thought the whole thing was tremendously enjoyable and actually quite exciting. It's clear that Clegg has come out on top - that's how all the papers have called it and it's what all the polls say - and while I'm not a Lid Dem that was obviously the best and most interesting outcome for British politics.

    It was watched by 9.4m people, by the way. Not quite World Cup final numbers but not bad for ninety minutes of pure politics with not an ad break in sight.

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