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Thread: And.. just did it again

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    Default And.. just did it again

    Purged everything last Tuesday. One of those "I need to get this out of my life" type of deals. Itd be a different story if I "needed" them instead of wanted them.

    I wonder how many thousands of dollars of the years Ive wasted just to throw them out later. On the plus side, I got rid of a bunch of things I bought that were too small anyway (underjams and goodnites fit, but but comfortably) ...

    So about a week and Im already back on the site here. Canceled my account at you-know-what-space since ive had nothing but bad experiences there with people saying they'll meet up and then chickening out.

    So yeah, woner how long it will be before I buy another pack somewhere. 1 week... 2 weeks??

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    Happened to me before. I simply decided "I'm done with this." and trashed it all.

    Sadly.. these type of things aren't a simple habit, or hobby and are much, much harder to break x_X;

    So.. I got back on it in less than 2 months. Sigh.

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    I admit I had purges like this a few times long ago, but not anymore. It's simply a waste. If for some reason I don't feel like wearing diapers, then they sit there unused. I don't throw them away because I know I would only regret it later.

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    And yeah, like you said, Shippo (Like the name, by the way) it's a waste to throw them a way if the urge to use them is lacking, for you'll normally just come back and have to re-buy more.

    Tis why I no longer trash them, but merely save them up.
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    thats what i do to shippofox.....its imposible to get away it seems, so i usually just take time off from it to see if i still feel the same way as i did before...

    I always come back.

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    I've only gone through the cycle, like, once. Now the interest is starting to fade; okay, I'm moving on to bigger and better things now (mainly, I'm fighting off women with a stick right now), what do I need these for? It's more of a kink than a fetish right now. I could definitely live without them.

    Someone gave me a package of free abenas a little while ago and I've used maybe 3. It just isn't worth it.

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    yeah sorry for taking up space with another post like this, i know its common. its just, sometimes I want it to end and sometimes I dont. one of these days i just need to accept it i guess

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    I keep the diapers in storage simply so that I know it's there if I need it. That consolation is usually enough to keep the desires low, all by itself.

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    Can't deny something that's a part of you, no matter what your heart and mind want to do
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    Quote Originally Posted by iastatedl View Post
    One of those "I need to get this out of my life" type of deals..
    This sounds like the prototypical acceptance issue that tends to be the root cause of the overwhelming proportion of purges. After all, if one simply loses interest but is accepting of their past AB/DLism, it makes a lot more sense to stick such items at the back of a closet in case the interest returns than to just throw it all away.

    I encourage you to look at this as more than just "something that happened", and take this opportunity to think deeply on how you regard your AB/DLism. What we perceive as our failures are often our best chances to make substantive personal growth. There are some questions you should take some serious time (as in time that is measured in multiple hours, and maybe which involves jotting your thoughts in an informal journal) to consider:

    -For what precise reason did I want to remove this from my life?
    -How much merit did that reason have?
    -Beyond the trivial inconveniences, is there anything objectively wrong about AB/DLism?
    -Is AB/DLism part of what makes me happy in life?

    I would imagine that if you started some threads related to the last two questions that you would get some excellent answers from ADISC members. We're first and foremost a support community and damn good at it.

    I will add this caveat: if AB/DLism is something that you are spending too much of your resources on (time, money, social capital, etc.) then a scaling back is in order. However, an outright purge is clearly neither the most effective nor most economical solution.
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