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    I leveled up.

    For real. I got promoted. Yep. Now I am "Customer Relations Manager"

    yep - This calls for a celebration.

    I get $1.00 an hour raise

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    Hey....congratulations. I know it feels good to know you are appreciated, and getting the extra dollars is always good. As teachers and assistants, we haven't gotten a raise in two years, and probably won't next year, so get everything you can.

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    Thanks. Don't feel bad about that, because where I work you don't get a raise unless you get promoted. They do offer overtime which we can actually sign up for [pick the hours we want to work if they need more people on at a certain time] and if I refer an employee that stays for 90 days or more I get $300.00!

    Call Centers aren't a fun place to work at but life is what you make it. I'm happy to have this job in this shithole economy.

    EDIT: I might be stoked and all but I am also TERRIFIED. I have to report directly to the Operation Manager for training.. X_x I am always paranoid around the "bigshots" at any place where I work

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