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    I'm a DL. I was a bed wetter growing up (As I assume many ppl here were). The problem persisted into my teenage years, and though it has vastly improved, I still have quite a few accidents from time to time.

    I live with my high school sweetheart (now Fiancee), who has known about this problem for a few years now. I'm not sure when the fascination with diapers started but I have always worn them for certain situations (anytime I drink alcohol, get sick ect..). That didn't change when we started living together, she is quite supportive and doesn't seem to mind most of the time.

    I suppose the only problem is that I have not told her that now I REALLY love having to wear diapers, and it is a sexual thing for me. Also, at times i have made her believe my bed wetting is more out of control than it actually is... to the point that right now I wear diapers every night even though it's probably not necessary.

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    Welcome to ADISC! To address the questions made in your intro post, I guess that there are bed wetters here on this site, but not a lot. A good percent of people here are TB/AB, in which regression is more of a factor rather than using diapers. As to the situation with your fiancee not knowing about your diaper fetish, just tell her when and if you deem it necessary. Also congrats on being engaged

    Now to go back to the purpose of the intro, I welcome you to this site and hope that you enjoy your time here! Also, do you have any hobbies or interests that you would like to share with us?

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    Thanks very much tk7432.

    Because I have been getting more into it lately, I do deem it necessary to tell her before we get married. The timing just hasn't been quite right yet... I'm not too worried about her reaction as we are extremely close, but I feel bad for having kept her in the dark for a while.

    As for hobbies, I love playing just about every sport (particularly basketball, raquetball, squash, and baseball). Even before the "poker boom" i played ALOT of cards. [happily] hanging out with my fiancee still consumes most of my time.

    On a different note, I have been quite adventurous as far as wearing, changing, and wetting diapers in public (for a person relatively new to the fetish).

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