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Thread: wife found pants

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    Default wife found pants

    I feel very stupid. I bought some plastic pants from Boots and left them in our bedroom by mistake. (still in their box at least - not obviously used!) Anyway - my wife came home from work and found them. I had to pretend that I'd had an accident, which is convincing because I've been having very painful attacks of heartburn - so it's far from impossible that one of those would cause me enough pain that I lost control of my bowels, and that the next day I was worried enough to go and buy incontinence protection.

    This matters to me because I've never wanted my wife to know about this side of me. I haven't posted for a while but some of you might have read what i've posted in the past; I believe that this side of me is not one she would want to see, and also that it's a side of me that I shouldn't inflict on her. She has found hints before - a search for 'adult baby' in the internet browser, that sort of thing, which I passed off as research for a story ...

    She seemed accepting of what I said about having an accident ... but it occurs to me a day or so later that perhaps, in the end, she's put two and two together, come to the right conclusion, and decided not to confront me about it. ...

    We humans are a very messy bunch . ..

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    Well, I always wear diapers for practicallity as well as pleasure, so if someone asks why I just go with the practical answer. It sounds like that's what you did.

    If you really do have accidents as a result of stomach problems then it would make sense to have them as protection. But if she does decide to pursue it than don't lie to her.

    I know when doctors or other people try to suggest medication I tell them that I'd rather deal with the clean up than to deal with the side effects which make you sicker than the actual illness/condition to begin with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MessyMan View Post
    You should probably find a way to tell her. You are married.
    I agree, it beats your wife worrying that you mess yourself

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    Like the others said She's your wife and doesn't know? I thought marriage was about trust honesty and the such.

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    I'm sorry that stinks. Well at least you have a valid excuse.

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    delete ur browsing history, because you cant pass by the same thing twice you know.

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    Tell your wife man. She is your wife, by not telling her you are really betraying her. She is your wife, it's important you are honest with her.

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    Telling a lie, especially a pencil-thin one, is always a bad idea, in my opinion.

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    A quote from one of my favourite bands of all times, The Streets, offers some amazing advice:

    If you never tell a lie to her, you don't have to remember it, mate.
    (Of course, the next line is "But it all goes out the window when, I try to do it myself" :p)

    It's funny what a complex bunch we humans are. You've found another human who you've made a connection with and committed to spend the rest of your life with her, richer and poorer, death do us part. You have a near infinite amount of ups and downs, and nothing that you'll not brave together... except telling her about your desires, which is what basically amounts to an underwear choice!

    Not saying it's not completely understandable to be nervous and want to keep it to yourself, but with all the terrible things out there and the terrible things people do, it's sort of funny how something so trivial (in the grand scheme of things) can be such a big deal!

    Honestly, I'd say that you're in the wrong here. Keeping it a secret is one thing, but having her finding your gear and then lying about it? Not cool. You're now in a situation now where you either have to give up ABDL -or- continue with your play but be soooooo much more careful and discrete -or- figure out what you're going to say next time she find your stuff.

    Sure it's a bit weird, and it'll likely be an uncomfortable conversation... but think how much worse it will be when you inevitably have to have that conversation and she know's you've already lied to her about it? I'll bet your desire to have your wife never 'see this side of [you]' does not outweigh your wife's desire to have her husband never lie to her.

    With that said, that's what *my* moral compass tells me, and what I'd do in my relationship. This is your relationship, and you know your wife, so you have to let your own moral compass guide you.

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