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Thread: Is anyone a babyfur in California?

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    Cool Is anyone a babyfur in California?

    I'm just curius.

    I live in 'Diego!

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    No there is never any other baby-furs in your state. .-.

    *points to members list*

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    I hope this "Diego"-guy is big enough to live in.

    Or: Your fursona is a 'roo, and Diego is the name of your mother and her pouch?

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    i do but but i have never heard of a place called diego

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    Perhaps he means San Diego?

    I don't even know if that's in Cali.

    In response to OP- I'm sure there is, but I'm about 20 states away from you :P

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    yeah there is a San diego here if thats what he means?

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    I'm pretty close to you some of you but that important age factor will keep my distance. Sorry. Check back with me you're eighteen, alright? That is if you can chill with me without bitching about parent issues at home. *laughs*

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