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Thread: incontinence - WHY???!!!!

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    Lightbulb incontinence - WHY???!!!!

    Ok guys.

    I have seen on so many posts that certain people want to become incontinent because of their reasons given, the most common one was because they love their nappies that much that they want to be in them forever and the second common one is because they want to feel more babish.

    Can i please just inform you all of a few things. I know that many, many people on here (both incontinent people and continent people) have gave their opinions on the whole situation.

    Why do you want to do damage to your body?

    If i asked you to go and jump of a cliff to hurt yourself or more importantly, kill yourself, would you do it? NO! so why do you want to damage your body in this way? If i asked you to cut your wrists to hurt yourself, would you do it? NO! so why try to weaken your muscles to the point that you have no control? Its the same point of view that im trying to come from. Sorry if this seems abit graphic but it does open the eyes of some people.

    You want to become more babish?

    So, you want to become a baby? ehh, sounds great, doesnt it. But i can assure it that it more than likely wont be! You more than likely want to become a little baby when you are in your home, in a secure surrounding where nobody can see you.. but the morale of the story is, when your incontinent you wont have control anymore, thus you will be peeing/pooping yourself (padded or not) when out in public, in your house, in work, out at a social event etc. Can you imagine sitting at bar in a nightclub and then a lingering smell appears, oh, what happened... u just pooped yourself.. imagine the embarrassment with other people you dont know start to tease and make fun of you. Would you not rather become more babish whenever you want? It gives you something to look forward to when you do plan to do it and also can i finally point out here that becoming more babish just doesnt evolve around wearing nappies 24/7, it also has the mental aspect of it.

    25 years down the line

    So, you are still convinced on becoming incontinent? well imagine 25 years down the line. You have a wife/husband and you are married. You want to have kids. You adopt and then your kids come up to you and ask you why you are wearing nappies? What are you going to say? "...emmm, i purposely damaged my body so i could wear nappies all the time..."

    What kind of role model are you going to be for your kids...?

    Im sure many incontinent people would tell you to wise yourself up and its not that great and i totally agree with them. It will take the fun out of playing in nappies.

    Im continent myself and i used to think that being incontinent would be brilliant untill i actually sat down and thought...

    * imagine trying to work having this condition
    * imagine the awkward situations that you would be put into
    * imagine the endless, tiredless nappy changes you will have to do
    * imagine the cost of it, its not a cheap thing like!

    I would imagine that its not all that fun at all and i do sympathise with all these incontinent people out there who have to put up with it although can i just tell all those who intend on becoming incontinent that you are really, really, not thinking about the situation properly!

    Imagine, all the life changes that you would have to make, imagine all the nappy rashes you will get? Would you not just rather wear a nappy and become a switch where you can pretend to become incontinent and then just go back to normal state? To me this sounds like the best approach as you aren't doing any permanent damage to yourself.

    Anyway, sorry, i was getting pee'ed off at all the people asking how do i become incontinent and this is my opinion on the matter.

    I was going to post this to my blog untill i realsied that i should get it out there (on the fourms) so more and more people could read it and maybe think twice about what they are doing to themselves.

    Sorry, but this is just me rambling on now.


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    That's the wonderful thing about internet forums.

    They're a great place to rant, or to express your fantasies without real life consequences.

    My guess is that most of the people who express those desires don't really mean it. They're just getting a thrill out of saying it out loud so to speak.

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    I used to fantasize about being incontinent. That was, until an anal seepage problem developed in my body, leading to nasty rashes and the ruining of a couple pairs of pants.

    That was not quite incontinence, but it was enough to convince me of the folly of those fantasies I used to have.

    Luckily, the doctor figured out what was wrong, and I am better now. But three months of that..... it was not fun.

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    I would imagine so Kaworuchan, but glad your better now

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    For my part, every now and then I think how cool it would be; then I spend a week or two 24/7 and just go 'yeah, screw this noise' for a while.

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    well incontenence would be good for *B's because it brings out their baby again, by going in ur diaper wothout felling it comming. but some people just want to do it because they love the feel

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    Butterfly Mage


    I haven't heard of an actual incontinent person that likes being incontinent.

    If someone wants to wear diapers 24/7, there's no law that says you can't. You don't have to be incontinent. So... rather than wishing to be incontinent, it seems to me that it would be better to just wear diapers 24/7 if that's what you want to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterlink89 View Post
    well incontenence would be good for *B's because it brings out their baby again, by going in ur diaper wothout felling it comming. but some people just want to do it because they love the feel
    No, incontinence would not be good for *Bs. *Bs THINK it would be good and fun to be incontinent, but like the OP listed, there's plenty of things that make incontinence horrible.

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    I agree, if some of these people actually had a real taste of what they want, they'd think twice. I'm actually incontinent and not a *B or DL, and I'll admit that certain situations its convenient (movies, long trip, etc.), but for the most part it sucks, try going to the gym and doing squats making sure the top of your undergarment doesnt stick out the back.

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