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Thread: Portal

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    Arrow Portal

    i played portal and beat it today.
    a theme song
    Good gameplay
    GREAT storyline
    nice genra mixing

    already confirmed a sequel
    PORTAL 2

    But im Prophicised

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    I beat portal a while ago. I had to tweak it just right so it wouldn't lag on my Geforce 6100 video card. Anyways I got two versions of the end song. AudioSurf on Steam comes with the orange box soundtrack and it contains a J.C. mix of "Still Alive" the guy who wrote and plays "Still Alive". I like his version a bit more then the in-game one.

    Also you can get the orange box soundtrack for free by just downloading the AudioSurf demo and going into C:/programs/Steam/"something"/audiosurf/orange box soundtrack.

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    Shall I direct everyone's attention to This Video.

    The guy completes the game in 13 Minutes and 46 Seconds! If you don't want to watch the whole thing, then I suggest at least skipping to the 11 Minute mark. That's when the last level starts. It's absolutely amazing.

    Youtube links of the above video:

    Portal Speedrun - Part 1

    Portal Speedrun - Part 2

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    Portal's a cracking game. I don't own it myself, but I played through it all at a friend's place. I've played very few games with such a brilliant atmosphere.

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    Love it, can't wait for Portal 2. Especially for GlaDOS.
    Here is an interesting observation about her, by the way.

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    Ever since Rance's thread on the game, I've really wanted to play it.

    I've completed the flash game of it a couple of times though...

    I'll play it one day, I need find a friend who has the game.

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    That guy had to have been on some sort of chemical additive, in order to do portal that well and so fast, I don't think he...she? (it?) made any mistakes.

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    Portal... What a fab game. Shame it's a bit short though.

    I believe Half-Life Ep3 / 3 and Portal will combine into one.

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