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    So, as I am sitting here typing this, my entire mouth is on fire. Why, you may (or may not) ask?

    It's because I'm eating up a bowl of noodles and beef with Sriracha sauce. For those of you familiar with this delicious condiment, do you use it often? I like it on just about every protein that I eat, and also in rice!

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    mmm, Cant do spicy anymore or else it will irritate my stomach, but spicyness is awesome.

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    You'll have to dig for it (unless you have a lot of costa ricans in your area) but Salsa Lizano is their equivelent of ketchup (but it's nothing like ketchup) they put it all over every thing. Pretty cool. You can buy it on the web.

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    I don't know what this is, but I want some. I love spicy.

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    Awkward moment # 373: Sitting at a table eating with chef/ food service friends (a couple are gay) and someone says,

    "HEY! Pass the Hot Cock!!" O.O

    much laughter ensues (no stripping however)

    Oh, and I loves me some sriracha! When you are scrambling eggs, squirt a little hot cock into the bowl before you beat 'em! heh-heh-heh! It really is good!

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    my fiance uses that stuff to dip her popcorn in. she devours a bottle of hot sauce like tobasco every three days. puts it on everything.

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