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Thread: Need help finding Diaper Pins

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    Hey Guys, I have beeen trying to do cloth diapers for a while now and have just been trying the standard baby diaper pin to close them and I am finding that the pins are not holding up very well. I was hoping you guys could give me some ideas of the pins you guys are using and how they are holding up to multiple uses. Thanks.

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    Well, I didn't look very hard, but a Google search brings up these. If I remember correctly, a lot of the adult cloth diapering places sell something like those. I haven't done any sort of pin-on style diapers before, so I don't really have any advice for you, except sticking the pins in a bar of soap will lubricate them so that they're easier to push through the cotton.

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    I use the smaller baby diaper pins because they go through the cloth easier. They will need to be replaced after 2 years of use. I have a set of the big stainless steel ones, but they won't pass through the diaper unless you put soap on them....their suggestion. I put baby lotion on them, and that helps, but it's still a pain, so I almost always use the baby pins.

    You are right, however, that they tend to bend, and they will occasionally pop open. I wish they would make a thinner larger stainless steel diaper pin; the best of both worlds, so to speak.

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    I just use ordinary safety pins. It's a few bucks of a pack of like 25 at Target, and you get an array of sizes. The smaller ones aren't of much use, but the two larger sizes work just fine for me.

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    Try AdultClothDiaper or shopping on eBay (for diaper/safety pins). I fancy 3-inch pins, which, in fact, are holding me together right now.

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    TARGET has regular baby diaper pins that work well (I have some blue ones with bears o them and some yellow duckies).

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    Wally world has brass larger safety pins in the sewing section, they work well but need to be sharpened to go thru lots of layers..

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